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Welcome to the Marine Biology Wiki for Miss W's 7th Period and 8th Period Biology Classes
Hello students!! This wiki project is meant to be a fun and interactive way to introduce you to the importance of the world's oceans. We have already covered the significance of the rainforest and taiga communities as part of our ongoing unit on biomes, and the world's oceans are no less exciting or essential to the survival of the Earth's inhabitants. For example, 2/3 of our planet is covered in water, and the world's oceans are filled with several thousands of species - many that have yet to be discovered or studied intensely.
Similar to our investigations of the other biomes, I am going to assign each of you to a group that is responsible for investigating a particular aspect of marine biology. (I will give you your group assignments in class; you will also be reminded via email). While I will devote some class time to your projects, the wiki format will allow you to work on this at your leisure; the wiki can be worked on at home or at any Internet-ready computer in the school library or computer lab. Please work seriously on these projects; they are meant to prepare you for a group presentation and individual paper due at a later date. You are also getting a group grade on the quality and organization of the information on your wiki.
Group Task: Within the assigned subject area, every group is expected to cover the following topics:
The importance/significance - example, if your topic is "Ocean Pollution", explain why it is important for people to be concerned with this matter. If your topic is the bottlenose dolphin, please expand on its general characteristics.
What role/impact does your topic have on the greater oceanic ecosystem? - example, if your topic is the blue whale, please expand upon its role in the oceanic food web.
The following question only applies if your group is assigned a marine species: Is the species endangered? If so, please provide explanations why and mention any findings about conservation efforts.
Do humans or human activities have any impact? - example, if your topic is the minke whale, please expand on how Japanese whaling is reducing their numbers. If your topic is "Ocean Pollution", please expand on how industry contributes to high oceanic pH levels.
What do you find most interesting/surprising about this topic and why?
Most important - have fun with this project. The above questions are meant to guide you; you are free to explore any sub-topic within your topic that you wish. You will have more interesting things to discuss in your paper and presentation if you do more investigation and exploration now. Remember to utilize both print and Internet sources for this project. Please also to remember to follow class guidelines for appropriate and reliable Internet sources.
The topics are as follows:
Plankton: The Ocean's Producers
Marine Birds: Seagulls, Terns, Albatrosses, Pelicans, etc.
Living Fossils: Sharks, Skates, and Rays
Inky Invertebrates: Squids, Octopi, and Cuttlefish
Polyp Pals: Corals and Coral Reefs
Coral Reef Companions: Clownfish, Sea Anemones, Sea Cucumbers
Gentle Giants: Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
'Ocean Pollution
Ocean Currents And Their Effects on Species

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