I've made this 13 years ago in March 11, 1997. My friend acts like he's Mario when he's 17 years old. Videotaped in March 11, 1997. Plot: Mario tries to make friends at High School, but nobody likes him.


  • BarneyandRingoStarrFan as Mario
  • JamesandBJFan as Barney
  • BarneyShawnBJandDannyFan as BJ
  • ThomasandNedFlandersFan as Wario
  • BiggestBarneyandFriendsSeason3Fan as Koopa Troopa
  • ThomasDuckJamesandWhiffFan as Goomba
  • GordonandPeterGriffin as Chomp Whomp
  • BarneyThomasMacHomerMarioandStanMarshFan as the Guy with Gun
  • Teacher as Himself
  • GordonVSStewie and DuckandKyleBroflovski as Two Punks
  • Lunch Lady as Herself


  • Mario: Hi, guys. It's a me, Mario! Welcome to today's adventure. And today I'm going to High School to make new friends. I'm going to have soda outside the school. (puts a quarter on the soda machine, and gets a diet coke can) Haha! I've got it! (opens the can and takes a sip, then breathes for a moment) It feels great! Now let's see what they have to eat. (cut to him arriving at the lunch room) Ooh, I'm hungry. Can I have some pizza?
  • Lunch Lady: Get out of here. We don't serve people food.
  • Mario: What?!! No food?! NO!!!!!! (bawls uncontrollably and leaves the room) I needed to go to the bathroom. (arrives at the boy's bathroom door. He tries to open it) What the??!!! Mama mia!! It's locked??!! (cries and walks away) Since we're out of food, I'm gonna get some water. (arrives at the fountain and tries to turn it on, but it is stuck) What the?!?! Ah, Mama mia!! (runs out, bawling) I needed friends at High School. (arrives to see BJ, Wario, Koopa Troopa, Goomba and Chomp Whomp) Hi. I'm Mario. Will you be my friends?
  • BJ: Get out of here, you red freak!
  • Mario: What?! What did this mean?
  • Wario: It means you can not go there!
  • Mario: NO!! (bawls and runs out) Oh, the teacher's in his room. (walks up to him) Hi, I'm Mario. Will you be my friend?
  • Teacher: Get out of here, Mario!
  • Mario: (runs out, crying) BWAAAHAHAAAHH! WAAHAAHAAHAAH! (sees two punks, who push him)
  • Punk 1: Mario! What did I think you're going?
  • Mario: Oh, mama mia!! No!! (runs off, crying)
  • Punk 2: He's such a freak!
  • Mario: (still wailing, runs up to Barney)
  • Barney: There, there, now. Tell Barney what's wrong.
  • Mario: Nobody at High School likes me.
  • Barney: Don't worry. I'll make sure I'm your friend at High School.
  • Mario: You will.

My Comments

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