In this episode Mario is very bored because it has been raining for the past week. He plays some video games and then goes outside for a walk. When Mario's on his walk he gets lost and cant find his way back home. Then he goes on to private proptery and winds up in jail. This video was made using my VHS recorder and my Super Mario 64 game and the Super Mario World game when Mario was playing. This was made in May 2010. We use voice recorders. We used Project 64, we first burned it to a DVD, then record it to a VHS.

Voice Cast:

  • BarneyandRingoStarr as Mario
  • GordonandEricCartmanFan as Bowser


  • Mario: It's a me, Mario! It's rainy for a week. I'm going to watch Ren and Stimpy. (Turns the TV on, and he sees the Ren & Stimpy episode, "Stimpy's Cartoon Show". Ren's eyes bug out and he sees that the trophy is from Stimpy. He bawls his eyes out and into his hands. Stimpy notices him as he wails. Mario turns off the TV) Gee, guys. Ren's crying sound on that show is distrupting! Let's go play Video Games. (cut to him playing "Super Mario World". on the screen, the Mario sprite runs on the world "Yoshi's Island 2", as he talks to himself) I must get the Super Mushroom, I must. I must get- (gets hit by a Koopa Troopa) Oh! Mama mia! Let's try again. (presses the "A" button. The "Mario Start" screen appears for a second and the level begins) I must win the level. I must do it. Oh, hi, Koopas. I'm gonna kill you all. (tries to kick them, but they hit him) Ouch! Mama mia!! Not again! I'll try again. (presses the "A" button again and once again, the "Mario Start" screen apears for a moment) Here we go! I must get the "Super Mushroom" thing and turn into Super Mario. Oh, hi, Koopas. I am going to kill you all. (and he does) (finds a block) Here it is. (jumps and hits the block and a "red mushroom apears) I've got it! (turns into Super Mario) I am now Super Mario! Here we go! (runs to get kick the enemies, but suddenly he gets by s Koopa Troopa) Aaaaah!! (tries to run away from the Koopa, but gets hit by another enemy) Aaaaah! Mama mia!! Let's try again. (presses the "A" button once again and once more again, the "Mario Start" screen starts) Let's get the Super Mushroom! (tries to kick the Koopa Troopas, but they hit him) Oh! Mama mia!! (bawls into his hands) Oh, not again!! That enemy killed me too many times!! (snaps out of it) That enemy does get stupid. I am going to make lunch. It will be macaroni and cheese and toast with jelly. (makes puts macaroni after the pan boils) That is going to be great. (takes a bread out and puts it in the toaster) (1 minute later) Why was it taking so long to cook the bread? (the bread appears and Mario takes it out, and it's completely burnt) What the??!! It's burned! Oh, mama mia! (cries) I'm going to make a different one, (2 minutes later, another toast comes out) It's feeling okay. Haha. (two minutes later, he eats his macaroni and cheese) Mac and cheese looks great. So does my jelly toast. (3 minutes later) Gee, guys. I am going to go for a walk. (takes an umbrella and walks outside) Gee, I sure don't like the rain. (walks in a forest) I've never been into this forest before. This is the hundred acre wood, and I am getting scared. I heard something, and I still am scared. Guys, I am sure tired of hearing stuff. I am going to sit by the river. (cut to him walking at the cliff to the river, and he sits down) Look at his beatiful waterfall. I think I'll sit there and think for a moment. I am sure bored, and I think I'll throw blocks there. (throws the first block, then the second one) Woah guys. This is fun. (throws the third one) This is the most thing. (throws the fourth one) Gee, guys. Why are they go? Ugh!! Guys, that hurts!! I am sure sick of throwing blocks! I think I'll go back to the house. (walks on the way home) Gee guys, there's a pork on the road. Should I go this way or that way? Left, or right? I don't know. (walks to the left. A few hours later) Gee guys, I have no idea where I'm at. I have no idea where I'm going. I am very lost, and I am very cold. Guys, I hope I go back home soon. I needed to sit down again. Looks like that's a place to sit. (sits down) Guys, I'm cold and it's still raining. I'm starting to hear noises over there.
  • Snake: (hisses)
  • Elephant: (making a noise)
  • Mario: Who's that? Sounds like a elephant. Could be? Guys, I'm really cold. I'm trying to get home. I'm putting by umbrella down. Here's two sticks. Maybe, I can start a fire. (prepares to start a fire) Guys, I don't think I should start doing this. I wanna start a really big fire. Be sure to remember that it's really dangerous to play a fire.and matches. You are good guys too. Only you can start forest fires. It's starting to rain, guys. I really can use my umbrella. (storm begins) Oh no, guys! I gotta get out of here or I start a fire! Oh no, guys. Where am I going to go? Look guys, that looks pretty safe up here. Let's go up. (climbs up) Guys, i don't know where I'm going. (Bowser appears with a flashlight he's using)
  • Bowser: Haha! I'm Bowser, King of the Koopas! And I am going to get you, you red plumber!!
  • Mario: What?! I have no idea watch ya' taking about, Bowser?
  • Bowser: You're going to Jail, you little punk.
  • Mario: Mama mia! I'm gonna get out of here!
  • Bowser: (chases after him) No, you don't (evily laugh) Mwaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  • (Mario tries to get away from Bowser, who catches up with him. Mario)
  • Bowser: You can't escape now!
  • Mario: Oh, God!
  • (Bowser continues to chase Mario. Mario drops his umbrella and runs into a telephone container)
  • Bowser: There's no escaping now!
  • Mario: (picks up the phone and dails on someone's number) Hello, Bowser's chasing after me. Hello? Mama mia!! Guys, there's only one suitiation. Hopefully, it would work. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Come on! It's gotta work! Come on! It's gotta work!
  • Bowser: Watch ya' going to do now, Mario.
  • Mario: Gee, guys, I wonder why it didn't work. Looks like I was caught in here. Guys, if you really want me to be away from Bowser. Guys, if you say "I wish Mario was free", then I will get out of here. Guys, Bowser's going to take me away. (sobs)
  • Bowser: You're going to be in Jail for the whole week!
  • Mario: (sobbing) I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go!!!! Gee, guys. Being in Jail is stupid. I have a pack of Lemonlime soda, and it makes me feel great. Let's try that one. (drinks all the pop) It's a great drink. There's only one problem, guys. I want to get out of here!! (begins to sob) When the rain stopped!!

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