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  • Mario as Stan Smith
  • Princess Peach as Francine
  • Luigi as Roger
  • Yoshi as Steve
  • Ludwig Von Koopa as Klaus Heissler
  • Princess Daisy as Hayley
  • Donkey Kong as Jeff Fisher
  • Waluigi as Snott
  • Wario as Barry
  • Banjo (From Banjo Kazoie) as Avery Bullock

Voice Cast

  • Seth Macfarlane as Mario and Luigi
  • Wendy Schaal as Peach
  • Rachael Macfarlane as Daisy
  • Scott Grimes as Yoshi
  • Dee Bradly Baker as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Jeff Fischer as Donkey Kong
  • Curtis Armstrong as Waluigi
  • Patrick Stewart as Banjo

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