Version 1 (made by Jovaun)

  • Mario as Anpanman
  • Wario as Currypanman
  • Luigi as Shokupanman
  • Peach as Melonpanna
  • Daisy as Rollpanna
  • Yoshi as Creampanda
  • Toad as Hamburger-kid
  • Baby Peach as Akachanman
  • Rosalina as Nyanii
  • Pauline as Mimi-sensei
  • Donkey Kong as Uncle Jam
  • Candy Kong as Butterko
  • Baby Mario as Cheese
  • Sonic/Tails (from Sonic) as Kuri, Kin, & Ton
  • Waluigi as Baikinman
  • Lemmy ''Hip Koopa'' as Horrorman
  • Wendy O' Koopa as Dokinchan
  • Fiona Fox (From Sonic) Kokinchan

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