• Mario as Ben Elf
  • Princess Peach as Fairy Princess Holly
  • Luigi as King Thistle
  • Princess Daisy as Queen Thistle
  • Toadette as Nanny Plum
  • Birdo as Daisy
  • Dixie Kong as Poppy
  • Yoshi as Gaston the Ladybird
  • Waluigi as The Wise Old Elf
  • Wendy O. Koopa as Mrs Elf
  • Wario as Mr Elf
  • Donkey Kong as King Marigold
  • Wendy O. Koopa as Queen Marigold
  • Kamek as Mrs Witch
  • Bowser as Redbeard the Pirate Elf
  • Morton O. Koopa as Barnaby's Dad
  • Rora (from Tractor Tom) as Lucy
  • Marsha (from Roary the Racing Car) as Lucy's Mum
  • Roy O. Koopa as Lucy's Dad
  • Toad as Barnaby Elf
  • Ludwig O. Koopa as Mr Gnome
  • Iggy O. Koopa as Jake Elf
  • Martha Monkey (from Noddy) as Lizzie Elf
  • Dizzy (from Bob the Builder) as Strawberry
  • Lemmy O. Koopa as big Bad Barry

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