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Mario/Bob the Builder are parodies with Bob the Builder sound and Mario series clips.


  • Mario as Bob
  • Peach as Wendy
  • Luigi as Scoop
  • Ness from the "Ness" series as Muck (UK)
  • Toadette as Muck (US)
  • Daisy as Dizzy
  • Link from "The Legend Of Zelda" series as Roley
  • Blue Toad as Lofty
  • Zelda from "The Legend Of Zelda" series as Lofty
  • Goomba as Pilchard
  • Koopa Troopa as Bird
  • Yoshi as Farmer Pickles
  • Wario as Travis
  • Hip/Hop Koopa as Spud
  • Toadsworth as Mr Bentley
  • Shadow Mario as Tom

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