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This parody has Mario clips and Crash Bandicoot sound.


  • Mario as Crash Bandicoot
  • Toad as Aku Aku
  • Bowser as Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Bowser Jr. as Uka Uka
  • Kammy Koopa as Nina Cortex
  • Rosalina as Coco Bandicoot
  • Donkey Kong as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Daisy as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Crystal King as Dr. N Gin
  • Dr. Mario as Fake Crash Bandicoot
  • Bowletta as Madame Amberly
  • Yoshi as Polar
  • Birdo as Pura
  • Wario as Tiny Tiger
  • Waluigi as Dingodile
  • Petey Pirnha as Dr. Nefarious Tropy
  • King Boo as Dr. Nitrus Brio
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa and Iggy "Hop" Koopa as Komodo Brothers
  • Peach as Pasadena O'Possum
  • Cosmic Mario as Nitrus Oxide
  • Lanky Kong as Papu Papu
  • Morton Koopa Jr. as Pinstripe Potoroo
  • Stanley as Rock Yo the Earth Elemental
  • Pauline as Wa-Wa the Water Elemental
  • Krunch as Lo-Lo the Air Elemental
  • Wizpig as Py-Ro the Fire Elemental
  • Goombario as Baby T Rex
  • Larry "Cheasty" Koopa as Ripper Roo
  • Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa as Park Dorne
  • Luigi as Ebenezer Von Clutch
  • Fawful as N. Trance
  • Funky Kong as Chick
  • Chunky Kong as Stew
  • Goobma as Zem
  • Koopa Troopa as Zam
  • Henry and Orville as The Evil Twins
  • Blooper as Rilla Roo
  • Hammer Bro. as Krunk
  • Paragoomba as Nash
  • Paratroopa as Velo XXVII
  • Big Bullet Bill as Big Norm
  • Bullet Bill as Little Norm
  • Cheep Cheep as Geary
  • Latiku as Koala Kong
  • Koopatrols as Penta Penguins
  • Dark Bowser as Willy Wumpa Cheeks
  • Shadow Mario as Evil Crash Bandicoot
  • Baby Mario as Carbon Crash Bandicoot
  • Cosmic Mario as Nega Crash Bandicoot

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