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  • Mario as Fanboy
  • Yoshi as Chum Chum
  • Princess Peach as Yo
  • Luigi as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason
  • Ludwig Von Koopa as Sigmund The Sorcerer
  • Princess Daisy as Lupe
  • Toadette as Nancy Pancy
  • Toad as Michael Johnson
  • Dr.Mario as Duke
  • Koopa as Cheech
  • Para Koopa as Chris Chuggy
  • Pauline as Francine
  • Rosalina as Cher Leader
  • Birdo as Muk Muk
  • Wendy O Koopa as Marsha
  • Toadsworth as Oz
  • Donkey Kong as Hank Mufflin
  • Queen Bee as Madame LaVache/Ms. Olive
  • Bowletta as Lunch Lady Cram
  • Wario as Boog
  • Waluigi as Lenny
  • Bowser as Janitor Poopatine
  • King Wart as Global Warmer

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