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  • Mario as Kevin McCallister
  • Wario as Harry
  • Waluigi as Marv
  • Candy Kong as Mom
  • Donkey Kong as Dad
  • Yoshi as Fuller McCallister
  • Toad as Jeff McCallister
  • Luigi as Rod McCallister
  • Birdo as Sondra McCallister
  • Flurrie as Brooke McCallister
  • Peach as Tracy McCallister
  • Dixie Kong as Linnie McCallister
  • Pauline as Megan McCallister
  • Bowser Jr. as Buzz McCallister
  • Bowser as Hector McCallister
  • Popple as Johnny McCallister
  • Toadsworth as Frank McCallister
  • Lady Toadsworth as Lesile McCallister
  • Delfino Police as Policeman
  • Kamek as E.F. Duncan
  • Kammy as Mrs. Stone
  • Rosalina as Bird Lady
  • Daisy as Fashion Model

Version 2

  • Mario as Kevin McCallister
  • Bowser as Harry
  • Bowser Jr. as Marv
  • Luigi as Dad
  • Daisy as Mom
  • Delfino Police as Policeman
  • Peach as Tracy
  • Birdo as Megan
  • King R. Rool as Buzz
  • Pauline as Bird Lady
  • Dixie Kong as Linnie
  • Bowletta as Sondra
  • Yoshi as Fuller
  • Kamek as E.F. Duncan
  • Kammy as Mrs. Stone
  • Wario as Jeff
  • Waluigi as Rod
  • Mouser as Hector
  • Rosalina as Fashion Model

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