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Version 1 (By PrimeThomasFan)

  • Bowser as Horrid Henry
  • Mario as Perfect Peter
  • Yoshi as Goody Goody Gordon
  • Dixie Kong as Gorgeous Gurinder
  • Luigi as Brainy Brian
  • Oogtar as Stuck Up Steve
  • Wendy O Koopa as Moody Margret
  • Birdo as Sour Susan
  • Wario as Rude Ralph
  • Waluigi Mischievous Mike

Version 2

  • Bowser as Horrid Henry
  • Mario as Perfect Peter
  • Yoshi as Spotless Sam
  • Bowser Jr. as Rude Ralph
  • Princess Peach as Georgous Gurinder
  • Luigi as Brainy Brian
  • Donkey Kong as Mr. Mossy
  • Wario as Stuck-Up Steve
  • The Shadow Queen as Moody Margaret
  • Pauline as Sour Susan

Version 3 (made by ThomasandRusty, DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE!!!!!!!!)

Mario as Horrid Henry

Toad as Perfect Peter

Lady Hatt (from TTTE) as Mum

The Fat Controller (from TTTE) as Dad

Daisy as Margaret

Yoshi as Ralph

Rosalina as Susan

Miss Bossy (from Mr Men) as Miss Battle-Axe

Dowager Hatt (from TTTE) as Mrs Oddbod

Baby Mario as Stuck-Up Steve

Peach as Rich Aunt Ruby

Mr Uppity (from Mr Men) as Vic Van Wrinkle

Version 4 (Made By FlyingDuckManGenesis, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Bowser as Horrid Henry (Mario can't be Horrid Henry; Mario is good and Horrid Henry is bad)
  • Mario as Perfect Peter
  • Toadsworth as Dad
  • Lady Toadsworth (If Lady Toadsworth were a real Mario character) as Mum
  • Ludwig Von Koopa as Fang the Hamster
  • Shy Guy as Fluffy the Cat
  • Yoshi as Goody-Goody Gordon
  • Toad as Tidy Ted
  • Princess Peach as Gorgeous Gurinder
  • Luigi as Brainy Brian
  • Donkey Kong as Mr. Mossy
  • Diddy Kong as Anxious Andrew
  • Oogtar as Stuck-up Steve
  • Wendy "Kootie Pie" O. Koopa as Moody Margaret (Princess Daisy can't be Moody Margaret; Princess Daisy is Good and Moody Margaret is bad)
  • Birdo as Sour Susan
  • Smithy as Rude Ralph (Yoshi can't be Rude Ralph; Yoshi is good and Rude Ralph is bad)
  • Princess Daisy as Prissy Polly
  • Bowser Jr. as Pimply Paul
  • Baby Mario as Peter's Angel
  • Baby Bowser as Peter's Devil
  • Wario and Waluigi as The Brickhouse Brothers

More Coming Soon

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