Mario/Horton Hears A Who is a parody with Horton Hears A Who sounds and Mario clips and it will come out September 14, 2012 by Kenny Wayne Redman.

  • Diddy Kong as Horton
  • Mario as The Mayor of Whoville
  • Peach as Sally
  • Birdo as Katie
  • Yoshi as Jojo
  • Goombas as Monkeys
  • Goomboss as King Monkey
  • Wendy O Koopa as Kangaroo
  • Waluigi as Rudy
  • Toadette as Mrs. Quilligan
  • Toad as Tommy
  • Baby Yoshi as Morton
  • Bowser as Vlad
  • Blue Toad and Yellow Toad as Hedy and Hooly
  • Pauline as Helen

More Coming Soon

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