• Toadette as Maya
  • Mario as Willy
  • Oogtar as Flip
  • Yoshi as Sting
  • Pauline as Miss Cassandra
  • Candy Kong as The Queen
  • Princess Rosalina as The Nurse
  • Bowlette as Buzzlina Von Beena
  • Diddy Kong as Crawley
  • Wario as Hank
  • Koopas and Goombas as Hornets
  • Funky Kong as Momo
  • Mallow as Kurt
  • Wendy "Kootie Pie" O. Koopa as Thekla
  • Princess Peach as Lara
  • Luigi as Paul
  • Baby Mario as Arnie
  • Baby Luigi as Barney
  • Klump and Krusha as The Bats

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