• Mario as Rayman
  • Yoshi as Globox
  • Bowser as Razorbeard
  • Kammy Koopa as Razorwife
  • Corporal Paraplonk as Axel
  • Private Goomp as Foutch
  • Sergeant Guy as Janos
  • Shadow Mario as Dark Rayman
  • Shadow Yoshi as Dark Globox
  • Koopas as The Rabbids
  • Wario as Hechman 800
  • Waluigi as Hechman 1000
  • Baby Yoshis as Baby globoxs
  • Mega Mario as Clark
  • Peach as Ly the fairy
  • Dry Bowser as Mr. Dark
  • Luigi as Murfy
  • Daisy as Tily
  • Toad as The Magician
  • Micro Goombas as Black Lums
  • Dry Bones as Nijaw
  • Oogtar as Polokus
  • Toadette as Uglette
  • Diddy Kong as Cookie
  • Funky Kong as LacMac
  • Donkey Kong as Andre
  • Toadsworth as The Magician
  • Dixie Kong as Betilla
  • Chunky Kong as Sam the Snake
  • Tiny Kong as Uglette
  • Rookie as Zombie Chicken
  • Wendy O Koopa as Begoniax
  • Smithy as Mr. Dark



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