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Version 1

  • Mario as Olie
  • Peach as Zowie
  • Luigi as Billy
  • Daisy as Polie Pi
  • Toadsowrth as Pappy
  • Poochy as Spot
  • Candy Kong as Olie's Mom
  • Donkey Kong as Olie's Dad
  • Wario as Billy's Mom
  • Pauline as Billy's Dad
  • Lanky Kong as Uncle Gizmo
  • Baby Yoshi as Baby Billy
  • Toad as Coo
  • Toadette as Coochie
  • Bowser as Gloomy
  • King R. Rool as Screwy
  • Ludwig Von Koopa as Dicey
  • Yoshi as Junior Littlegreen
  • Chunky Kong as Gene Littlegreen
  • Dixie Kong as Polie Anna
  • Young Donkey Kong as Young Dad
  • Young Lanky Kong as Young Gizmo
  • Mallow and Geno as The Jollies
  • Dr. Mario as Spaceboy
  • Shy Guy as Spacedog

Version 2

  • Toad as Olie
  • Toadette as Zowie
  • Poochy as Spot
  • Kooper as Billy
  • Luigi as Pappy
  • Wario as Uncle Gizmo
  • Daisy as Polie Anna
  • Waluigi as Screwy
  • Yoshi as Wheelie
  • Birdo as Pollie Pi
  • Peach as Mom
  • Mario as Dad
  • Ganondorf (from The Legend of Zelda) as Gloomius Maximus (Both begin letter G)
  • Baby Mario and Baby Peach as Coo and Coochie

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