• Wario as Salty
  • Waluigi as Claude
  • Mario as Ten Cents
  • Baby Peach as Sunshine
  • Bowser as Sea Rouge (Now Nobody Should like Sea rouge at all)
  • and more

Version 1: TUGS Version (Made By Jacob Ford)

Mario As Ten Cents

Donkey Kong As Big Stack

Toad As Otis

Wario As Top Hat

Diddy Kong As Warrior

Luigi As Hercules

Princess Daisy As Sunshine

Candy Kong As Captain Star

Funky Kong As Captain Zero

Baby Wario As Zorran

Donkey Kong Jr. As Z.B.

Lanky Kong As Zak

Baby Mario As Zug

Baby Luigi As Zip

Toadette As Sally

Princess Peach as Lillie

Waluigi As Grandpus

Bowser As Sea Rouge

Hammer Bros. as Pirates

Blue And Yellow Toad As Frank & Eddie

Baby Yoshi As Lord Stinker

And More

Version 2 (Made By FlyingDuckManGenesis, Do not edit, delete or change any characters!)

  • Yellow Toad as Salty
  • Chunky Kong as Ocho
  • Yoshi as Claude
  • Baby Peach as Sophie
  • Baby Daisy as Sadie
  • Goombas as Clams
  • Candy Kong as Aunt Chovie
  • Rosalina as Aurora
  • Mario as Ten Cents
  • Dixie Kong as Female Sunshine
  • Diddy Kong as Warrior
  • Donkey Kong as Big Stack
  • Oogtar as Top Hat
  • Luigi as Hercules
  • Toad (Normal) as Otis
  • Lady Toadsworth (if Lady Toadsworth was a real Mario character) as Female Captain Star
  • Detective Herlock Solmes as Grampus
  • Princess Peach as Lillie Lightship
  • Birdo as Sally Seaplane
  • Princess Daisy as Pearl
  • Baby Mario as Frank
  • Baby Luigi as Eddie
  • Baby Yoshi as Lord Stinker
  • Bowser Jr. as Zorran
  • Rambi as Z.B.
  • Winky as Zak
  • Squawks as Zip
  • Squitter as Zug
  • Funky Kong as Captain Zero
  • Kaptain K. Rool as Evil Sea Rogue
  • Wario as Mr. Bocco
  • Waluigi as Mr. Socco
  • Geno as Scoop
  • Blue Toad as Cappy
  • Lanky Kong as Billy ShoePack
  • Shy Girl as Female Little Ditcher
  • Cranky Kong as Big Bassil
  • K. Lumsy as Steamer (the good Johnny Cuba)
  • Orange Toad as Boomer
  • Koopas as Shrimpers
  • Swanky Kong as the Male Fultan Ferry
  • Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa as Nantucket
  • Thomas (From T&F) as Stanley/Chooch
  • Klump and Krusha as The Hench-boats (Fan-characters as seen in EJB/L&RF's Pirate on the Loose)
  • Prince Hugo the Huge as Paul the Police Boat (A Fan-character as seen in EJB/L&RF's Pirate on the Loose)

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