• Mario as Jago
  • Yoshi as Oliver
  • Birdo as Vicky
  • Luigi as TJ Combo
  • Princess Peach as Black Orchid
  • Princess Daisy as Audrey
  • Toad as Chief Thunder
  • Toadette as Bright River
  • Mallow as Andy
  • Wario as Glacius
  • Waluigi as Cinder
  • Donkey Kong as Sabrewulf
  • Toad as Marbles
  • Bowser as Fulgore
  • Dry Bones as Spinal
  • Red Toad as Snoopy
  • Green Toad as Spike
  • Yellow Toad as Marbles
  • Honey Queen as Belle
  • Luma as Woodstock
  • Blue Toad as Rover
  • Oogtar as Olaf (Both names begins with "O"!)
  • Diddy Kong as Tusk
  • Dixie Kong as Maya
  • Rosalina as Kim Wu
  • Pauline as Honey
  • Dry Bowser as Eyedol
  • Giga Bowser as Gargos

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