chum fricassee

Mario: Grandma!

Grandma: Someone's been cooking my recipe... and they're doing it Wrong!!! ...

Mario: But It's Not Me! It's Bowser!

Bowser! What! Hey!

Mario: What DO You Want!

( grandma pulls mario hair! she pulls it realy hard)

(mario screams in pain) OWWWWWWWWW! AAAAAAH! Stop it!

Mario: What's the big deal?

(Grandma pulls mario's hair again!)


Grandma; The Big Deal Is: If The Chum Is Not Cooked Right It Causes Tummy Trouble!

Grandma: Start Roiting!

Costumer: You Fed Us Uncooked Chum?

(Costumers Starts Rioting!)

Grandma: tear him apart!

Costumer: That It! I Hate You! And I'm Not Going To Take It AnyMore!

(Costumers Keep Rioting)

Costumer: I Hate Mario!

Costumer: He's On The Edge of Glory! Kill Him!

Mario: No! No! NOOO!

(The Restaurant Sas Destroyed)

Grandma: I Hope you Learned Your Lesson, Idiot!!!!!!!!!

(Grandma pulls Mario Hair Again! Until His Hair Yanks Out!)

Mario:OWWWWWWW! (then mario cries)

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