Mario as Tarzan (both are protagonists)

Peach as Jane (both are lovers of Mario and Tarzan)

Toadsworth as Professor (both are old, short, and have mustaches and British accents)

Daisy as Terk (both are tomboyish rough and tumble gals)

Luigi as Tantor (both are neurotic and easily scared)

Candy Kong as Kala (Candy Kong is the best choice I can think of)

Donkey Kong (both are strong alpha male gorillas and have rivalries with Mario and Tarzan)

Funky Kong & Chunky Kong as Flynt & Mungo (best choices I can think of)

Various Kongs as the Gorillas (both are ape families)

Yoshis as the Elephants (best choices I can think of)

Stan the Bugman & Pauline as Tarzan's Parents (Stan and Pauline are both forgotten characters in the Mario series and would serve well as Mario/Tarzan's deceased parents)

Ukiki as Kerchak and Kala's Son (I did not want to have Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., or Baby DK killed off in this role, so I chose Ukiki instead- I also think that Ukiki, being a lesser known Mario character, would serve well as the deceased baby gorilla)

Bowser as Clayton (both are main villains)

Various Mario Enemies as Clayton's Men (both are henchmen to the antagonist)

Petey Piranha as Sabor (both are beastly predators)

Manky Kongs as the Baboons (since Manky Kongs were evil Kongs in the Donkey Kong series, they would serve well as the ferocious primates that attacked Peach/Jane)

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