• Mario as Timmy Turner
  • Rosalina as Timmy's Mom
  • Toadsworth as Timmy's Dad
  • Toad as Cosmo
  • Toadette as Wanda
  • Baby Mario as Baby Poof
  • Kamek as Jorgen
  • Yoshi as Chester
  • Donkey Kong as Elmer
  • Luigi as AJ
  • Diddy Kong as Sanjay
  • Bowser Jr as Francis
  • Peach as Tootie
  • Birdo as Trixie
  • Smithy as Mark
  • Bowser as Mr. Crocker
  • Wario as Dark Laser
  • Waluigi as Baby Foop
  • Kammy Koopa as Vicky
  • Bowletta as Cocker's Mom
  • Anti Toad as Anti Cosmo
  • Anti Toadette as Anti Wanda
  • Jumpman as Crimson Chin
  • Dark Bowser as Nega Chin
  • Red Koopa Kid as Head Pixie
  • Blue Koopa Kid as Sanderson
  • Green Koopa Kid as Flabby Bob
  • Oogtar as Binky
  • Boshi as Bucky
  • Chunky Kong as Norm
  • Mouser as Remy
  • Lubba as Chet
  • Baby Luigi as Tommy
  • Baby Daisy as Tammy
  • Dr. Mario as Future Timmy/Adult Timmy
  • Super Yoshi as Future Chester
  • Bee Luigi as Future AJ
  • Cosmic Pom Pom as Robot Vicky

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