• Mario as Young Tod
  • Yoshi as Young Copper
  • Bowser as Amous Slad
  • Bowser Jr. as Chief
  • Adult Mario as Adult Tod
  • Adult Yoshi as Adult Copper
  • Baby Mario as Baby Tod
  • Baby Yoshi as Baby Copper
  • Peach as Vixey
  • Daisy as Big Mama
  • Luigi as Grumpy Badge
  • Baby Bowser as Porcupine
  • Wario as Dinky
  • Waluigi as Boomer
  • Candy Kong as Widow Tweed
  • Smithy as The Bear
  • Chunky Kong as The Train

Version 2 (made by Christopher Williams)

  • Yoshi as Young Tod
  • Toad as Young Copper
  • Mouser as Amous Slad
  • Bowser Jr. as Chief
  • Mario as Adult Tod
  • Luigi as Adult Copper
  • Baby Yoshi as Baby Tod
  • Baby Toad as Baby Copper
  • Birdo as Vixey
  • Peach as Big Mama
  • Waluigi as Grumpy Badger
  • Koopa Kid as Porcupine
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa as Dinky
  • Iggy "Hop" Koopa as Boomer
  • Daisy as Widow Tweed
  • Smithy as The Bear
  • Wario as The Train
  • Toadette as Zelda
  • Rosalina as Dixie
  • Dixie Kong as Little Girl
  • Tiny Kong as Olivia Farmer
  • Oogtar and Diddy Kong as Waylon and Floyd

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