• Mario as Baloo
  • Luigi as Bagheera
  • Peach as Mowgli's Mother
  • Toadsworth as Mowgli's Father
  • Yoshi as Kaa
  • Toad as Mowgli
  • Toadette as Shanti
  • Bowser as Shere Khan
  • Donkey Kong as Colonel Hathi
  • Wario as Louie
  • Baby Mario as Baby Mowgli
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Ranjan
  • Link (from Zelda) as Buzzie


  • First part - Opening credits
  • Second part - Luigi Discovers Toad/Toad's Jungle Life
  • Third part - Toad and Luigi encounter Yoshi
  • Fourth part - "Donkey Kong's March"
  • Fifth part - Luigi and Toad's Argument
  • Sixth part - Toad meets Mario/"The Bare Necessities"
  • Seventh part - Toad meets Wario/"I Wanna be like You"
  • Eighth part - Luigi and Mario's Moonlight Talk
  • Ninth part - Toad Runs away
  • Tenth part - Bowser Arrives/"Donkey Kong's March reprise"
  • Eleventh part - Toad and Yoshi the second encounter/"Trust in Me"
  • Twelfth part - Yoshi and Bowser's conversation
  • Thirteenth part - Toad's friends/"That's what friends are for"
  • Fourteenth part - Toad meets Bowser/Bowser Fights
  • Fifth part - The Grand Finale/"My Own Home"
  • Sixteenth part - The Bare Necessities Reprise
  • Seventeenth part - Ending credits

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