• Mario as Deku Link
  • Luigi as Goron Link
  • Yoshi as Zora Link
  • Wario as Fierce Deity Link
  • Toad as Link
  • Toadette as Zelda
  • Bowser Jr. as Skull Kid
  • Bowser as Majora's Mask
  • Dark Bowser as Majora's Incarnation
  • Dreamy Bowser as Majora's Wrath
  • Dry Bowser as Jim
  • Kamek as Bomber #2
  • Corporal Paraplonk as Bomber #3
  • Private Goomp as Bomber #4
  • Sergeant Guy as Bomber #5
  • Peach as Deku Princess
  • Donkey Kong as Darnuia
  • Goomba as Goron
  • Baby Donkey Kong as Baby Goron
  • Birdo as Lulu
  • Tiny Kong as Pamela
  • Funky Kong as Pamela's Dad
  • Black Ninjakoopa as Odolwa
  • Red Ninjakoopa as Goth
  • Yellow Ninjakoopa as Gyorg
  • Green Ninjakoopa as Twinmold
  • Smithy as Igos du Ikana
  • Henry and Orville as The Lackeys
  • Goombella as Tatl
  • Goombario as Teal
  • Dixie Kong as Romani
  • Candy Kong as Creamia
  • Chunky Kong as Talon

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