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  • Mario as Moe Howard
  • Yoshi as Larry Fine
  • Luigi as Curly Howard
  • Wario as Shemp Howard
  • Toad as Joe Besser
  • Waluigi as Curly Joe DeRita
  • King Boo as Professor Richmond
  • Petey Pirnaha as Professor Nichols
  • Shadow Mario as Moe's Stand-In
  • Boshi as Larry's Stand-In
  • Mr. L as Curly's Stand-In
  • Bowser as Sister Mary-Mengele
  • Kammy Koopa as Mother Superior
  • Bowser Jr. as Monsignor
  • Vivian as Sister Richcarda
  • Marilyn as Sister Bernice
  • Beldam as Sister Rosemary
  • Kip as Mac
  • Kass as Lydia
  • Donkey Kong as Mr. Harter
  • Candy Kong as Mrs. Harter
  • Diddy Kong as Teddy
  • Baby Wario as Wheezer
  • Baby Donkey Kong as Peezer
  • Baby Peach as Murph
  • Red Koopa Kid as John Tyrell
  • Green Koopa Kid as Blackie Whiteford
  • Blue Koopa Kid as Al Rosen
  • Boom Boom as Moe's Audition Staff #1
  • Pom Pom as Moe's Audition Staff #2
  • Sumo Bro. as Moe's Hip Executive
  • Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa as The Situation
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa as Pauly D.
  • Iggy "Hop" Koopa as Ronnie
  • Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa as Vinny
  • Wendy "Kootie Pie" O Koopa as Sammie
  • Shadow Queen as Jwoww
  • Princess Shroob as Snooki
  • Peach as Moe's Girlfriend
  • Birdo as Larry's Girlfriend
  • Daisy as Curly's Girlfriend
  • Mona as Shemp's Girlfriend
  • Toadette as Joe's Girlfriend
  • Rosalina as Curly Joe's Girlfriend
  • Henry and Orville as Attendant
  • Dry Bowser as Harry
  • Roy "Bully" Koopa as N.T. Nungen
  • Goomba and Koopa as German Sailor
  • Kaboom and Klaptrap as Henchmens
  • Baby Mario as Baby Moe Howard
  • Baby Yoshi as Baby Larry Fine
  • Baby Luigi as Baby Curly Howard
  • Young Mario as Young Moe Howard
  • Young Yoshi as Young Larry Fine
  • Young Luigi as Young Curly Howard
  • Klump and Krusha as The Police Man

Version 2 (Tanner's Version)

  • Luigi as Moe Howard
  • Snake (Metal Gear Solid) as Larry Fine
  • Captan Falcon (F. Zero) as Curly Howard
  • Fox McCloud (Star Fox) as Shemp Howard
  • Waluigi as Joe Besser
  • Wario as Curly Joe DeRita
  • Yoshi as Professor Richmond
  • Donkey Kong as Professor Nichols
  • Bowser as Mac
  • Dixie Kong as Lydia
  • Mario as Mr. Harter
  • Peach as Mrs. Harter
  • Diddy Kong as Teddy O' Hara
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa as John Tyrell
  • Iggy "Hop" Koopa as Blackie Whiteford
  • Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa as Al Rosen
  • Daisy as Corabell
  • Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) as Florabell
  • Jody Summers as Dorabell
  • Krystal (Star Fox) as Shemp's Girlfriend
  • Rosalina as Joe's Girlfriend
  • Mona as Curly Joe's Girfriend
  • Baby Luigi as Baby Moe Howard
  • Baby Snake (Metal Gear Solid) as Baby Larry Fine
  • Baby Captan Falcon (F. Zero) as Baby Curly Howard
  • Young Luigi as Young Moe Howard
  • Young Snake (Metal Gear Solid) as Young Larry Fine
  • Young Captan Falcon (F. Zero) as Young Curly Howard

Version 3

  • Donkey Kong as Moe
  • Funky Kong as Larry
  • Diddy Kong as Curly
  • Chunky Kong as Shemp
  • Cranky Kong as Joe

Version 4

  • Bowser as Moe Howard
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa as Larry Fine
  • Iggy "Hop" Koopa as Curly Howard
  • Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa as Shemp Howard
  • Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr. as Joe Besser
  • Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa as Curly Joe DeRita
  • Roy "Bully" Koopa as Emil Sitka
  • Wario as Professor Richmond
  • Waluigi as Professor Nichols
  • Bowletta as Moe's Girlfriend
  • Clawdia as Larry's Girlfriend
  • Shadow Queen as Curly's Girlfriend
  • Wendy "Kootie Pie" O Koopa as Shemp's Girlfriend
  • Princess Shroob as Joe's Girlfriend
  • Mona as Curly Joe's Girlfriend

Version 5

  • Luigi as Moe Howard
  • Mario as Larry Fine
  • Yoshi as Curly Howard
  • Toad as Shemp Howard
  • Wario as Joe Besser
  • Waluigi as Curly Joe DeRita

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