Casts for Each Parody isn't almost just the same. But mostly like are Mario as Thomas, Yoshi as Percy and Toadsworth as Sir Topham Hatt. Heres a list.


  • Thomas - Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Toad/Toadsworth/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Goomba/Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong/Chunky Kong/Funky Kong/Oogtar
  • Edward - Luigi/Toadsworth/Yoshi/Toad/Mario/Diddy Kong/Donkey Kong/Goomba/Oogtar/Koopa Troopa/Chunky Kong/Funky Kong/Sonic (from Sonic)/Dry Bones
  • Henry - Chunky Kong/Mallow/Luigi/Mario/Yoshi/Toad/Wario/Toadsworth/Goomba/Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Oogtar/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones
  • Gordon - Donkey Kong/Oogtar/Toad/Wario/Waluigi/Dry Bones/Bowser/Koopa Troopa/Goomba/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Chunky Kong/Bowser Jr./Boshi/Mario/Luigi
  • James - Oogtar/Wario/Bowser Jr./Bowser/Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Toad/Koopa Troopa/Goomba/Waluigi/Dry Bones/Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Chunky Kong/Boshi
  • Percy - Yoshi/Mario/Luigi/Toad/Diddy Kong/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Goomba/Tails (from Sonic)/Oogtar
  • Toby - Toad/Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Toadsworth/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Goomba/Oogtar/Cranky Kong/Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Chunky Kong
  • Duck - Diddy Kong/Wario/Luigi/Mario/Yoshi/Toad/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Goomba/Detective Herlock Solmes/Donkey Kong/Funky Kong/Chunky Kong/Oogtar/Rotor (from Sonic)
  • Donald - Ratchet (From Ratchet and Clank)/Clank (From Ratchet and Clank)/Mario/Yoshi/Larry Koopa/Lenny Koopa/Gomba 1/Gomba 2/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Luigi/Toadsworth
  • Douglas - Clank (From Ratchet and Clank)/Ratchet (From Ratchet and Clank)/Yoshi/Mario/Lenny Koopa/Larry Koopa/Gomba 2/Gomba 1/Dry Bones/Koopa Troopa/Luigi/Toadsworth
  • Oliver - Captain Olimar (From Pikmin)/Luigi/Yoshi/Toad/Toadsworth/Diddy Kong/Mario/Koopa Troopa/Goomba/Bowser Jr./Dry Bones/Cranky Kong/Oogtar
  • Diesel - Ludwig Von Koopa/Bowser/King Boo/Wario/Waluigi/Boshi/Boo/King Koopa/Kamek/Petey Piranha/Bowser Jr./Dry Bowser/Larry Koopa/Lenny Koopa/King K. Rool
  • Daisy - Wendy O Koopa/Daisy/Toadette/Birdo/Peach/Pauline/Rosalina/Candy Kong/Dixie Kong/Tiny Kong
  • Boco - Mighty Plumber/Vector (From Sonic)/Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Toad/Wario/Waluigi/Goomba/Koopa Troopa/Donkey Kong/Oogtar/Dry Bones/Diddy Kong/Funky Kong/Chunky Kong/Link (from Zelda)
  • Derek - Mario/Luigi/Yoshi/Toad/Waluigi/Donkey Kong/Oogtar/Koopa Troopa/Dry Bones/Wario
  • Emily - Peach/Birdo/Daisy/Toadette/Rosalina/Pauline/Candy Kong/Dixie Kong
  • Diesel 10 - Bowser/Smithy/Dry Bowser/King Koopa/Kamek/Boshi/King Boo/Bowser Jr./Wario/Waluigi/Boo/Petey Piranha/King K. Rool/Robotink (from Sonic)
  • Lady - Rosalina/Peach/Birdo/Daisy/Toadette/Baby Peach/Dixie Kong/Tiny Kong/Cream (from Sonic)
  • Rosie - Birdo/Peach/Daisy/Toadette/Rosalina/Dixie Kong/Tiny Kong
  • Mavis - Pauline/Daisy/Birdo/Peach/Rosalina/Toadette/Candy Kong/Dixie Kong/Tiny Kong/Candy Kong/Rouge (from Sonic)
  • Toad - Kiddy Kong/Toad/Yoshi/Koopa Troopa/Oogtar/Mario/Luigi/Dry Bones/Diddy Kong/Oogtar/Cheese (from Sonic)

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