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  • Mario as Wall-E
  • Peach as EVE
  • Toadsworth as Captain
  • Yoshi as Mo
  • Bowser as Autopilot
  • Bowser Jr. as Go-4
  • Chunky Kong as Hal
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa,Iggy "Hop" Koopa, and Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa and Koopa and Goomba as The Reject Robots
  • Donkey Kong as Wall-A
  • A Coin as A Plant
  • Wario as John
  • Pauline as Mary
  • Birdo as PR-T
  • Toad as VN-GO
  • Waluigi as REM-E
  • Daisy as D-FIB
  • Luigi as The Steward Robot

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