Version 1 (made by PrimeThomasFans)

  • Oogtar as Vyvyan (Both Destructive)
  • Mario as Rick (Both Cheeky Boys)
  • Diddy Kong as Neil (Both Love Nature)
  • Donkey Kong as Mike (Both Leaders)
  • Bowser as The Tv Detector Man (Both Evil)
  • Luigi as Bambi (Both Sensible)
  • Dixie Kong, Daisy, Peach and Birdo as The Amazulu
  • Toad as Cliff Richard (Both Peaceful)
  • Toadsworth as Mr Bolowski
  • Wendy O Koopa as Vyvyans Mum

Version 2

  • Waluigi as Vyvyan
  • Mario as Rick
  • Diddy Kong as Neil
  • Donkey Kong as Mike
  • Yoshi as Mr. Bolowski
  • Funky Kong as Bambi
  • Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Candy Kong and Toadette as The Amazulu
  • Wendy O'Koopa as Vyvyan's Mom

Version 3

  • Luigi as Vyvyan
  • Mario as Rick
  • Waluigi as Neil
  • Wario as Mike
  • Donkey Kong as Bambi
  • Toadswroth as Cliff Richard
  • and more

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