here is my mario/mighty morphin power rangers thingy, but do nt edit it, delete it or add it. -gumball&thomasfan


  • mario as jason the red ranger/tommy as the white ranger (for jason both wear red and for jason and tommy as the white ranger both the leader) mario is a fearless mushroom-eating leader, the red ranger and original leader of the mario rangers. he is also the white ninja ranger
  • daisy as trini/aisha the yellow ranger (both wear yellow) daisy is peach's friend and the princess of sarasland, the yellow ranger of the mario rangers. she is also the yellow ninja ranger
  • toad as billy the blue ranger (both wear blue) toad is ally of mario who helps him on adventures to save peach, the blue ranger of the mario rangers. he is also the blue ninja ranger
  • peach as kimberley/katherine the pink ranger (both wear pink) peach is the princess of the mushroom kingdom who always gets saved by mario after bowser captures her, the pink ranger of the mario rangers. she is also the pink ninja ranger
  • yoshi as zack/adam the black ranger (yoshi had to be someone) yoshi is mario's dinosaur friend, the black ranger and origianl second in command of the mario rangers. he is also the black ninja ranger
  • luigi as tommy as the green ranger/jason/rocky when mario/tommy is the white ranger (both wear green) luigi is mario's taller, younger brother the green ranger and second red ranger. he is also the red ninja ranger


  • toadsworth as zordon: toadsworth is the mario ranger's mentor
  • oogtar as alpha 5
  • donkey kong as ninjor
  • master cheif (from halo) as masked rider
  • rosalina as dulcea


  • wario as bulk (both a bully and both fat)
  • waluigi as skull (both a bully and both fat
  • red toad as ernie
  • green toad as lt. stone
  • toadette as mrs. appleby
  • link (from zelda) as mr. caplan
  • zelda (from zelda) as angela
  • blue toad as richie
  • yellow toad as curtis


  • wicked witch of the west (from the wizard of oz) as rita repulsa (both witches)
  • bowser as lord zedd
  • ganon (from zelda) as master vile
  • kooky as goldar
  • kootie pie as scorpina
  • cheatsy as rito revolto
  • bigmouth as squatt
  • bully as baboo
  • hop as finster
  • hip as lokar
  • bowser jr. as thrax (i know he's not from mighty morphin power rangers but since he's rita and zedd's son i wanted to include him in)
  • dark bowser is ivan ooze
  • mr. L as tom oliver
  • kamek as mordant



  • goomba enemyzord (mario/red)
  • pirhana plant enemyzord (yoshi/black)
  • cheep-cheep enemyzord (toad/blue)
  • spiny enemyzord (daisy/yellow)
  • bullet bill enemyzord (peach/pink)

enemy megazord (combination of enemyzords. goomba:head and torso. spiny:right leg. cheep-cheep:left leg. bullet bill: chesplate. pirhana plant: arms and back (i think).

koopazord (luigi/green)

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