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Mario & The Hiccups is the second episode of Mario Kart: Double Dash.


When an gumball (with a face) explodes because of his hiccups, Mario gets them too. It's up to Luigi and Yoshi to help him get rid of them.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Bananas (known as boomerangs)
  • Gumball
  • Gorilla


Part 1

  • (we start off with Mario talking to a gumball)
  • Mario: Hey, gumball! Hey, hey, gumball! Hey!
  • Gumball: What, Mario?! I'm trying to watch TV!
  • Mario: What happened to your voice?
  • Gumball: I'm a gumball, you fool! I am from New Zealand!
  • Mario: Oh, that explains the accent. And the boomerangs.
  • Banana 1: I told you, we're bananas, you plumber fool!
  • Gumball: Accent?! I don't have a (hiccup) accent!
  • Mario: What's an hippo accent?
  • Gumball: It's (hiccup) not a hiippo. It's a (hiccup)!
  • Mario: Whoa, sounds like a hungry hungry hippo!
  • Gumball: It's -(hiccup)- it's not funny!
  • Mario: What's the matter, gumball? You looked all choked up! (laughs)
  • Gumball: Quiet down! (hiccup) Aw man! I don't (hiccup) feel so good. (hiccup)
  • Mario: Are you okay?!
  • Gumball: (hiccups serveal times)
  • Mario: What's going on?!
  • Banana 1: Oh no, everybody, watch out! He's gonna blow!
  • Gumball: (screams)
  • Mario: Oh no! Mama mia!
  • (Gumball explodes, causing gum to fly everywhere)
  • Mario and Bananas: (scream)
  • (footsteps are heard as Luigi and Yoshi run over)
  • Luigi: What was that?!
  • Yoshi: Seriously, I heard that in the other-(sees the remains of Gumball) OH NO!!
  • Mario: That was gumball! He had the hippos!
  • Bananas: Hiccups! He had the hiccups, you fool!
  • Luigi: What?! Aw, man! TThat's scary!
  • Mario: What are you talking about?
  • Yoshi: You've never heard about what happens when somebody gets the hiccups?!
  • Mario:
  • Yoshi: First, they hiccup. And they......they......they....
  • Luigi: They explode!

Part 2

Part 3

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