Part Eight of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


[Cut to Percy, Duck and Rosie in the cave.]

[Everyone works first by shoving coal onto Isobel's firebox. The door closes, steam emits from Isobel's funnel and clyinders. Gremlin has joined them in the cab. Duck's fireman blows Lady's whistle, and they leave the cave. The four engines is out on the magic railway (with Duck in front, Isobel in second, Percy in third and Rosie in last, gold shavings emerging from Isobel's wheels.]

Percy: Rosie, look! The railway's getting energy back!

Duck: We're gonna get there. [smiles again]

[All bushes disappear, and Isobel's face returns to her smokebox door.]

Isobel: Oh, Duck, you didn't forget about magic. It's safe inside you.

Mario.: Rosie!

Yuki: Mario, Carl, Green Toad and Blue Toad!

Carl: You found her, and she's beautiful!

[Duck's driver blows Isobel's whistle, and Mario blows Carl's whistle back.]

[Duck, Percy, Rosie, Isobel and Gremlin materialize on The Mushroom Kingdom.]

Rosie: We're in the Mushroom Kingdom!

[They stop by where Thomas and James are.]

Rosie: Hello, Thomas! Hello, James!

Thomas: I'm glad you were able to find your way back. James, do you know who they are?

James: So, our whistles won't get us back home...?

Thomas: [nodding] Mmm-hmm.

James: [sighs] Where's Mario?

[At that moment, Carl materializes through the buffers, with Mario, Green Toad and Blue Toad. The three friends jump from the cab.]

Green Toad: That was some journey!

[Everyone turns to see Smelter and Bowser coming toward them.]

Smelter: AHA! The lost engine!

Bowser: And the red plumber!

[Diesel 10 emerges from the buffers]

Diesel 10: Hey! What just happened?! [joins Smelter and Bowser)

Bowser: That makes three of us!

Mario: Run, Isobel, quickly! I'm going to help you!

Duck: So am I, Isobel, I'll not let you down again! I'll helo you behind!

[Duck and Isobel both puff away, Carl with Mario, Green Toad and Blue Toas.]

Bowser: Now, I'll get you, Duck! And that engine too!

Duck: No you won't!

Thomas: Watch out for the valley! It's very dangerous!!

[Bowser, Diesel 10 and Smelter cackle as they roll past and the chase is on]

Diesel 10: Wait till I get you, Duck!

Duck: The magic you refuse to believe in will get the better of you!!

Bowser: You can run, but you can't hide, puffballs!

Diesel 10: [easing his claw toward Carl.] Pinchy's hungry!

Carl: YIKES!! Run! [advances forward]

Duck: We might get away!

Diesel 10: Coming for you!

Bowser: [evil laughter] Look out!! [They are heading towards a tunnel]

Diesel 10: Here I come! Duck, Pinchy!

Craig: What on earth?!

[The villains laugh evilly; Duck, Isobel and Carl are puffing from Diesel 10, Smelter and Bowser fast as they can]

Diesel 10: I like my lunch steamed! [laughs evilly, extends claw and growls]

[Duck, Isobel and Carl puff over a bridge, Cecil and Clyde steam under it, pulling goods trains.]

Cecil: Aahh!

Clyde: What on earth?

Diesel 10: Hey, Duck!

[Duck ignores him.]

Diesel 10: Here we come! Pinchy must get all of you!

[Up ahead, the rocks are falling down the cliff of the valley. Duck, Isobel and Carl puff closer to it.]

Duck: Isobel, this is your Sodor too!

Isobel: I hope so!

Mario: [calling from Carl's cab] Come on Isobel! Pesky plumbers can do big things!] 

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