Part Five of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here!


Narrator Yuki: The sound of Isobel's magic echoed through the night on Anopha quarry, [cuts to Blue Toad with a mail bag, helping Mario. and Green Toad with night deliveries] everyone on the Mushroom Kingdomhad them very much in their thoughts.

[Blue Toad passes Donkey Kong's place to meet up with Mario. and Green Toad, unaware Bowser is behind the place, listening.]

Bowser: [evil cackling]

Blue Toad: Guys, I was thinking.

Mario: What is it, Blue Toad?

Blue Toad: How does Thomas have?

Green Toad: Gold dust.

Mario: Why do you ask?

Blue Toad: If thewe's a lost engine, thewe's a lost railway too!

Mario: The journey from the Island of Sodor to The Mushroom Kingdom gets bumpier. It's what Thomas said when I first met him.

Green Toad: He talked about buffers in his sleep! They're at the end of a siding or a line. That's how he travels here; on a secret railway-

[Bowser, delighted, races off.]

Mario: Belonging to the lost engine! Good work, Green Toad... Blue Toad, what's wrong?

Blue Toad: I'm scared! Bowser is around here!!

Toad: I'm sorry, you three. Bowser heard everything. Yellow Toad and I are going to see what he's up to. You better get the mail delivered!

Mario: You're very brave, Toad!

Toad: Bowser won't bother me, he thinks I'm really useless!

Yellow Toad: I'm a long-standing munch date!

Green Toad: That guy is mental.

[Cut to Bowser]

Bowser: [singing] I've been working on the railway all the livelong day. [spoken] Who wants to do that anyway?

[Toad and Yellow Toad quietly creep up.]

Toad: Here they are...

Bowser: Come in and join the party, Bowser Jr!

Bowser Jr: Hooray! We're gonna have a party.

Iggy Koopa: I love parties.

Bowser Jr: Who's go the balloons?

Toad: What are they talking about?

Bowser: Correction; join the party that's over. Just like Twinkle Toe's magic railway is over. Gone! Like the lost engine, and the buffers that lead us to them.

Bowser Jr: What are you gonna do?

Larry Koopa: That's a good question.

Bowser: It's time to put Twinkle Toe's lights out. With a little help.

[Boshi comes by]

Boshu: [punches the air] Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah! [kicks the air] Hya hya hya hya hya hya!

Bowser Jr: What is the plan?

Bowser: Our little buddy, Boshi, is going to destroy every set of buffers on the railway after we destroy the lost engine!

[Bowser snaps his claw hands in excitement]

Toad: Yellow Toad! Delay him! Distract him!

Yellow Toad: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa....

Boshi: WHO IS IT?!

Bowser: It's a pair of Toads! Smash them!

[Bowser's claw hands pushes one of the supports of the shed and it collapses on Boshi and the Koopas. Deep Claw's claw breaks through the roof. Toad laughs.]

Bowser: CLAW HANDS!!! I hate when you do that!

Toad: Good show! [leaves with Yellow Toad)

Bowser Jr: Boss, did you mean to let the roof fall in?

Wendy O'Koopa: All the way in?

Boshi: This shed is asking for a CHALLENGE!!!

Bowser: I always mean what I do, you rattle traps! And no challenges to try and kill us all! [growls]

[Cuts to Green Toad and Toad walking by at sunrise.]

Narrator Thomas: Bowser was in a dump, but everyone else was happy and doing well!

[An instrumental of "Really Useful Engine: TATMRR version" plays before leading to the vocals]

He's a really useful plumber, you know All the other people they'll tell you so He runs and huffs and smiles Rushing to and from He's the really useful plunber we adore!

He's a really useful plumber, you know 'Cause Cranky Kong, they tell him so And he's got a pair of friends To call his very own He's the really useful plumber we adore!

He's the one, he's the number one Super, Mario He's the really useful plumber we adore!

[Carl is puffing backwards and sees Clyde and Craig on a siding with an empty coal bunker beside them.]

Carl: Hello, Clyde! Hello, Craig, what's wrong?

Clyde: No coal left in the bunker!

Carl: I'm collecting six trucks of coal for you both!

Craig: Thank ya, Carl!

Clyde: We love you.

Carl: And I wish I could make Thomas better by finding him and helping Mario.

[Carl backs down onto the coal trucks one at a time, and the sixth one runs into the buffers, and disappears. Abby is unaware.]

Michael/Train48: Hello, Carl and your five coal trucks!

Carl: Five? I should have six...

[Later, Carl sees Mario, Blue Toad and Green Toad on the platform of the Station]

Carl: Hi, friends!

Blue Toad: Carl! We were worried about you!

Green Toad: Michael said you lost a coal truck today!

Carl: It disappeared when I was at the buffers near the little grotto.

Green Toad: Maybe those are the buffers to the lost railway.

Mario: And the grotto is the lost engine's special platform!

Blue Toad: Of course!

Mario: Carl, you and Blue Toad protect those buffers from Bowser, Diesel 10 and Smelter...

Carl and Blue Toad: What?!

Mario: ...and Green Toad and I will find Thomas.

Carl: Why us?

Mario: Because you're a brave engine, Carl, and Blue Toad too!

[Mario and Green Toad leave]

Carl: Oh.

Blue Toad: We forgot.

[Meanwhile, Thomas is puffing towards a valley mountain side, which railway engines and tugs cross, and it has rails on one side and water on the other. Thomas already crosses the valley. He arrives at a windmill.]

Thomas: The clue must be there somewhere. [I look at the windmill] Oh, I'm at the windmill! Talk about a perfect landing!

[He sees words formed by the sunlight and shadows on the windmill wall]

Thomas: [reading] "Stoke up the magic in the mountain, the isobel will smile... then watch the swirls that spin so well." What does that mean?

[Cut to Bowser, Smelter, Diesel 10, and the Koopalings at the docks, Bowser and Diesel 10 are worried, the Koopalings are suspicious]

Bowser Jr: So dad...

Wendy O'Koopa: Why did you break the sheds?

Bowser: Oh, that. Well, um...

Diesel 10: He did it on purpose and the sheds went down on him and you...

Bowser Jr: Liar, liars!

Iggy Koopa: Pants on fires!


Koopalings: Uh oh...

[Diesel 10 has his anger on oil drums and smashed them like beer cans. Ivan then lifts the erupted oil drums.]

Diesel 10: Now, how to stop being stupid!

[Diesel 10 and Bowser make noise with their claws, Ivan purposefully drops them on Diesel 10 and Bowser, covering them in oil. Mario and Co. laugh at the humorous scene of disgrace.]

Bowser:: THAT'S gonna ruin my facial!

Koopalings: Uh oh...

[Rosie is at the sheds, when James arrives.]

Rosie: James?

James: Hello! Great to see you again. I'm off to the Mushroom Kingdom and meet up with Thomas. I'm in a hurry. Want to come too?

Rosie: Can we be back by sunset?

James: I hope so. I wanna find a new station to work at. Gremlin, do you want to come along? [Gremlin shakes his head] Guess not. We'll go this way through the tunnel.

Rosie: Are you sure?

James: [checks whistle] I'm out! I guess I'll have to use Zack's supply. I hate to see his face when he finds out.

[Rosie finds leftover on the floor]

Rosie: Can I keep some of this?

James: Sure, I'll hold it for you. And now we are off!

[James blows his whistle and he and Rosie turn into a cloud of gold dust and fly into the tunnel.]

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