Part Four of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


[Cuts to Gordon with the express at Vicarstown Station.]

Narrator Thomas: Next morning, Gremlin traveled with Gordon to the big city station. Gremlin was sure that I could help me and together we could help me. But only if Rosie met someone at Knapford first.

[Cuts of Odie and Yuki walking around]

Conductor: [voice over] Attention, passengers the train for Maron Station will depart from track 3! Train for Knapford will depart from track 4, last stop! Knapford, track 4!

Gremlin: [barks to get Rosie's attention]

Rosie: I don't you suppose where track 4 is do you? [Gremlin barks and walks to the express train] You do? Are you sure? [Gremlin barks and Rosie buffers up to the express]

Narrator Thomas: Gremlin was feeling pleased with himself, for I was going on the right train, and he was going to make me stop at the wrong station, for the right reasons.

[Odie runs into Gordon's cab before the train leaves. Gordon starts and blows his whistle]

I know how the moon must feel Looking down from the heavens Smiling at the silly things things We put ourselves through Missing magic each day And not seeing the wonder That's how the moon must feel

I know how the moon must feel When he makes someone happy That's a feeling I would feel When you smile at me I'll be floating on air I'll be beaming with wonder That's how the moon must feel

[Cuts to Barney scratching Wario's back with a back scratcher.]

Wario: Left a bit, right a bit, up a bit! Ahhhhhh....

Barney: Is the itch all gone, Strong Bad?

Wario: Well, almost. Hey, why are you so tired? Is because of all the red I'm wearing? Bowser thinks yellow's a stupid color, but it's nice against the snow! It's not me, is it?

Barney: Oh, no, I think red is a good, cheerful color!

Wario: Oh, thanks!

Thomas: Just like my sparkle. Oh, I'm going to the windmill, to look for something important. You should probably check your Monday emails.

Wario: Okay. [leaves] Keep your sparkle up!

[Mario is walking by, and sees Boshi smashing a pile of rocks.]

Mario: What is he up to? And why is he here?

Michael/Train48: How bout a race, Mario?

Mario: Sorry, Michael, I can't today! I have to solve mysteries instead!

Michael/Train48: That means I win! Perhaps another day!

[Thomas then finds himself in the forest]

Thomas: What happened? Where is the windmill? Now I'm lost!

[He blows his whistle, but no gold dust. I sit down on a rock in dismay.]

Thomas: [sigh] Now my gold dust really is all gone. And if I can't find the source for making more, the consequences will be bad! I saw them in my dream last night. My family never told me what to do in a gold dust crisis. They only said, "If you can't remember the clue the windmill will remind you." But were is the windmill, and what is the clue?

[Cuts to Mario, Toadsworth, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Wario, Toad, Luigi, Yellow Toad and Blue Toad at the Brick Wall. Michael/Train48 passes by.]

Michael/Train48: Smile, everyone! It's a sunny day!

Wario: It's not sunny, 'cause Zack is not at the windmill. I looked.

Mario: I think his sparkle's all gone.

Diddy Kong: I don't feel sunny. I feel storfed orp.

Donkey Kong: That sneezing powder and nasty fumes from Deep Claw, I bet.

Toadsworth: And Bowser, Diesel 10 and Smelter are after the lost engine.

Toad: And if they find them, I fear that will destroy us all.

Donkey Kong: WHAT, EVEN ME?!!?

Toad: Yes, Donkey Kong, even you.

Luigi: Those bad guys have Stinkoman doing their bidding! I saw him yesterday, trying to find a certain pile of rocks!

Blue Toad: It doesn't surprise me! Stinkoman's nothing but a show off!

Yellow Toad: Why would he go destwoying a piwe of wocks?

Blue Toad: Why don't you be quiet, Yellow Toad?

Wario: Shut up, both of you!

Blue Toad: We have a serious problem on our... hands?

Mario: Ahhh... [sneezes]

Wario: Say it, don't spray it, Mario.

Mario: I've still got sneezing powder up my non-existent nose! [leaves] Now I'm going to look for Thomas.

Blue Toad: Wet us get back to wowk. That's what he would want.

[Mario is walking along the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Thomas hears rustling.]

Thomas: What on earth?

[He notices a letter. He reads it.]

Thomas: [reading] "I notice you left your thinking dome behind. Try these instead they're good for the brain. Gone fishing, Rabbit." I don't see a rabbit anywhere. [I notice a carrot and celery] How thoughtful.

[He picks up the carrot, takes a bite, and thinks.]

Thomas: Plane... drain... [another chomp] mountain... fountain... Mountain's something. I'll try the celery.

[He picks up the celery, bites into it, and thinks]

Thomas: Sausage... bicycle... *HIC! music... cornfield... *HIC! Wait a minute. Cornfield. CORNFIELD! That's it! Ha ha! I have to find a bell flower, make a call! *HIC!

[Meanwhile, in a town of Indiana, James is picking up corn in a basket. Back to The Mushroom Kingdom, He finds the bell flower, and in Indian, James hears his phone; he was listening to "Summer Sunday".]

James: Oh! My cell phone! [answers] Hello?

Thomas: James, is that you?

James: Hey, Thomas! Are you in a tunnel? It's not a good line!

Thomas: James, where are you?

James: The nearest cornfield! I just had breakfast and here I am!

Thomas: James, listen: You have to come to the Mushroom Kingdom right now!

James: Right now? I'm helping with the corn!

Thomas: No you're not! You're coming here! You have to help me find the source of our family's gold dust.

James: What's the source?

Thomas: That's the problem, James; I haven't a clue!

James: I used up most of mine too.

Thomas: WHAT THE?! [sighs frustrated] Then go to the Island of Sodor first and in my signal house, in the box under the staircase you'll find my emergency whistle with the last of my supply. Please take care of this and... [He looks around for anyone else] don't mention the buffers.

James: What buffers?

Thomas: SHHHH!!!

James: This is a bad line! HELLO! MY CELL PHONE ISN'T WORKING RIGHT!!!

Thomas: James, you've got to come here right away! I'm counting on you!

James: HELLO?!!?

Thomas: What-?! [He's hung up] What the?

James: [sighs] I hate my job... [throws cell phone away]

[Later James is relaxing outside his shed]

James: [sighs] One last sun ray, and one last sip, of a summer... sundae! [is about to take a sip from a milkshake bigger than him] I think I'm a poet...

[some of the melted milkshake splatters all over him]

James: Oh, geez... I'm covered in melted milkshake.

[Meanwhile on Sodor, Gordon is approaching Knapford station. Behind the last coach, Rosie notices Diesel 10 in a siding]

Diesel 10: Yes, it will be final later this week. Yes ,soon I'll be the new controller of Sodor. Bye.

[Gordon's train stops at Knapford Station. Rosie notices Gremlin on the platform.]

Rosie: You want me to get off here?

Gremlin: [nods]

[Rosie is now at Tidmouth Sheds. She is alone with Gremlin and Diesel 10.]

Rosie: Where's everybody, and why have you brought me here for?

[She hears a noise inside the sheds]

James: [not seen] It not where he said it would be... Maybe it's in the closet... Hey, my old bicycle, I wondered where it went... Oh, how cute! Six little- [crash] five little glass figurines! [Yuki knocks on the door of the signal house] Coming!

[James comes out in a cloud of gold dust]

James: Hello. Who are you?

Rosie: I'm Rosie. Who are you?

James: James the Red Engine! Did I drop a ticket puncher when I came in here?

Rosie: I don't know

James: Oh, well, I might use more from this stuff. Goodbye, Rosie.

[James leaves in a cloud of gold dust, Rosie looks at it.]

Rosie: What is this stuff?

[Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, Thomas is sleeping at the Mushroom Kingdom Sheds, whilst dreaming of Sodor as a ghost railway.]

Thomas: The magic's gone. Why did I take my gold dust for granted? I can't help without my gold dust.

[Viaduct starts to collapse]

Thomas: What is the source of my gold dust?

[Sounds of train passes by, Thomas wakes up]

Thomas: Is someone there? [Mario walks by] Mario, is that you?

Mario: Thomas where are you?

Thomas: Mario?

[no reply, Mario is gone]

Thomas: How can I possibly say that I'm really useful now?

[Meanwhile, Boshi destroys a pile of rocks.]

Bowser: Not that pile of rocks, then. You have to destroy all the piles of rocks you find, no matter the consequence! [leaves]

Boshi: I'm beginning to have second doubts. What if that overbite kid is right?

[Back at the quarry, Diesel 10 follows old abandoned railway tracks to look for the lost engine but instead sees it as a dead end.]

Diesel 10: Nothing... [oils away in disappointment and anger]

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