Part Nine of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


[Duck, Carl and Isobel are approaching the middle of the valley cliff which the side of the ground is collasping, with rocks and water falling down the ravine, Diesel 10, Bowser and Smelter are nearing them. Duck makes it through the gap as more rocks and water fall. Then, Isobel makes it too.]

Carl: I don't think I can make it!

Mario: Yes, you can, Carl.

Diesel 10: I'll get you, red plumber!

Mario: [opening Carl's regulator more] No, you won't!

[Carl jumps the gap in time as it gets bigger]

Duck: Well done, Mario and Carl! Well done!

[Duck's fireman blows Isobel's whistle, Mario does same for Carl. The villains see they're heading towards their doom.]

Diesel 10: What's going on?!

Bowser: Hold it! Hold it! [screams as he falls]

Smelter: [yells] ARRRRGGHHH!!!!

[The villains slide over the edge of the valley cliff and fall into the ravine, Bowser catches onto a part of the edge.]

Bowser: Plumber! Teapot!! [the part breaks loose] Gahh! [as he falls] TIN KETTLE!!!!

[Bowser has now landed onto the ravine with Diesel 10 and Smelter. For two seconds seconds, Bowser lays, badly battered and bruised, with scratches all over. For the next two seconds, Diesel 10 and Smelter lay on their sides in a wreck. For the next two seconds, Diesel 10's shape is completely damaged. All of his wheels are lost, his claw has completely come off, his front and back ends are completely bented, his cab roof is ripped into, creating a hole, his windows smashed, and worse of all, his paint was completely scratched over, making him and ugly grey. For the next two seconds, Smelter's shape is completely bented. His claw has completely come off, like Diesel 10's. His hull is ripped into, creating a hole, his paint badly scratched over, and worse of all, his front is damaged.]

Bowser: Oh well. Our plans are ruined.

[Back at the place where the chase started]

Mario: Thomas, you still doesn't have his gold dust.

Isobel: I think he will soon.

[Thomas is by a well when something comes to me]

Thomas: Wait a minute... Then watch the swirls that spin so well.

Percy: Swirls, like all those wonderful shavings around Isobel when we were on the magic railway.

Rosie: Is there anything else?

James: Of course there is! So well; a well means water!

[BJ turns the crank and a bucket full of water rises, pulled up by a rope. Piglet fills a tin pan with water, Rosie's fireman puts in some shavings in the water, and shakes pan. She is hesitant in throwing it in the air.]

Duck: Go ahead, Rosie's Fireman. Throw it up in the air.

[Rosie turns to James.]

James: Please! Please!

[Rosie turns to Carl and Isobel.]

Carl and Isobel: Now, Yuki!

[Rosie's fireman gives the mixture a good throw in the air, and gold dust explosions appear in the sky.]

Rosie: Gold dust!

Duck: Gold dust!

Thomas: Gold dust

James: Gold dust!

Odie: [barks]

[gold dust pours Thomas and James' whistles.]

[Back on Sodor, the engines are all working hard; Emily is pulling Martha and Jennifer.]

Emily: Come along!

[Thomas is seen pulling Annie and Clarebel over the Sodor River Bridge.]

Thomas: I've got to get there on time.

Thomas: [narrating] And so we come to the happy end of our story, but it's time for all of us to go home, just like Mario.

Mario: Goodbye, everybody!

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