Part One of Mario and the Magic Railroad is here.


Narrator Thomas: Hi, I'm Thomas the Tank Engine. And I am going to tell a story about people; engines who were far apart; and a magic railroad that brought them together.

[Shows Mario running along the road. Cuts to Mario. running behind bushes.]

Narrator Thomas: Every story, like a railroad has it's heroes. Meet Mario. He's our number one blue hero.

Mario: Hello!

Narrator Thomas: But he's running a little late today. This is the Mushroom Kingdon, where Mario and his friends live. Most of the story takes place here.

[Cuts to Wario's Place and Donkey Kong's Place. Donkey Kong is at his stand, talking to Diddy Kong; Wario and Waluigi are in Wario's Place, Mario, Toad and Green Toad are walking by, passing each other]

Narrator Thomas: It's a great place to live in, run by the Cranky Kong.

[Cuts to Donkey Kong at his place alone.]

Donkey Kong: Five, six, seven, eight...

Mario: Who do we appreciate? Practicing your numbers, I see, Donkey Kong. That's nice.

Donkey Kong: I'm counting how many seconds late you are! What does the sign to your right say?

Mario: "The Mushroom Kingdom. Really reliable, and always on time!" Signed, Cranky Kong.

Donkey Kong: But you were not on time, Mario!

Mario: And you're being bossy, Donkey Kong. Do please excuse me, I'm meeting up with Thomas the Tank Engine. He's helping us while the Cranky Kong is on holiday for the summer!

Donkey Kong: I think we can manage ourselves!

Bowser: [races by between them] OUT OF MY WAY!! I have unfinished business to attend to, and I want to finish it fast!!!

Donkey Kong: [scared] Bowser's escaped prison!!

Mario: Oh, no. He was paroled from prison, and is back for some reason.

Donkey Kong: Maybe we do need Thomas after all, and on time to! [shudders]

[Cut to a map of the Island of Sodor]

Narrator Thomas: Over in England, located in the Irish sea, there is a railway called Sodor, where trains can talk.

[Cuts to Gordon and Henry at Knapford station. Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarebel through the countryside. Sir Topham Hatt is checking schedules in his office, Emily pulls Martha and Jennifer, and Percy pulls the mail cars. Edward's whistle blows and he puffs away with three red coaches, Riff in his cab. Thomas arrives at Knapford Station just in time, as a lady is waving goodbye to a friend. I let the flowers drop gently, and I tip my hat to the lady. Cut back to Mario.]

Narrator Thomas: Back to the Mushroom Kingdom, he was wondering of what Bowser had said.

Mario: If Bowser has unfinished business, I know there's going to be trouble right around the corner.

[He is walking to Wario's place toward the fence. Wario is holding a broom and is being bothered by a fly.]

Wario: Hey, you! Get away from me, you bug! BUZZ OFF!!

Mario: Hey, Wario- [runs into fence] Oh, bother!

Wario: You weren't paying attention, Mario. Good thing the fence was there.

Mario: Yeah, I know! What's with the broom?

Wario: Thursdays are community service days, because of your father, they're only until 2013! I'll be glad when it's over!

[Bowser walks up behind them.]

Mario: Never mind, Wario. [Wario: Uh, Bowser?] To Cranky Kong, the harder we work, the less we need help!

Bowser: Help you? [laughs evilly] You always need help, because you are cowardly, cranky and worn out, and can't hurt a fly!

Wario: No, we are not!

Bowser: Yes you are!

Wario: AREN'T!

Bowser: ARE! Now I come out to find a lost steam engine who was chased by a mean diesel! I'll destroy her and dominate you! Then you'll be nothing but dead bodies! Right, claw hands?

Wario: Bully! [Bowser laughs as he walks away] Stinker!

Mario: We're really useful, you know! [walks off too] You won't kill all of us or her! We won't yet you, nor will Zack as I'm going to meet him now!

Wario: What lost engine?

[Cuts back to Sodor, Percy arrives at Knapford Station has finished the mail train, the sign reads "Right on Time!" and he is with Gremlin.]

Percy: And I'm done, Gremlin! I reckon Sodor has the best welcome sign of any railway in England.

Gremlin: [barks in agreement]

Percy: I'm happy you agree. Gordon's express helped a lot.

Gremlin: [barking]

Percy: He's on his way back with the express, is he? You hear that whistle sooner than it hears itself.

[Cuts to Gordon pulling the express. They pass the Sodor River Bridge as the engines whistle. Gordon whistles back. Up ahead, Gordon arrives at the Junction., He applides his brakes and the whistle blows, scaring birds from a tree.]

Gordon: Humph. That diesel has no respect for express trains. I must not be late.

[Gordon arrives at Knapford Station]

Gordon: [getting off] Fine work, Percy.

Percy: Thanks. By the way I've been looking at your map. What are these shadowy lines on here? They look like straight railway tracks. But the only ones I know of are the ones that you travel on.

Gordon: It is a mystery, it is that makes Sodor...

Percy: Magical?

[Gordon agrees with him.]

Percy: I better be off to Anopha quarry. I promised Duck I'd clear out his yard today.

Gordon: Has Duck ever given you a smile?

Percy: [about to set off] No, but my wheels don't shake when it's around him. I just think he is sad about something.

Gordon: I should warn you; keep an eye out for a "stranger".

Percy: I will! [puffs off]

[Gordon and Gremlin turn to Diesel 10, waiting for them at the platform.]

Gordon: Diesel 10! What are you doing here?

Diesel 10: I've come here to meet some old friends and to buy the station. Where is he?

Gordon: Oh, Duck?

Diesel 10: Yes, him! Where is he right now on this railway?

Gordon: I can only tell you that it's at a quarry.

Diesel 10: A quarry! That's the last place I needed to look!

Gordon: Look here now. You better leave Duck alone.

Diesel 10: Oh I will, I just want to know what's going on with him recently.

[Odie growls at Diesel 10, who angrily leaves, swatting the basket of flowers Sir Topham Hatt planted. Gordon sees the fallen flowers.]

Gordon: [sighs sadly, knowing trouble will be brewing]

[Cut to a secret cave at Anopha quarry.]

Narrator Thomas: Deep within Anopha quarry, Duck kept a secret only to his friend, Mavis.

[Duck enters with his lamplight on. He has a flashback of when he and Mavis did before the engine crashed.]

Duck: One day, Mavis, I'm going to show this engine around, and you'll help.

Mavis: Promise you will, Duck?

Duck: I promise.

[Cuts back to present day, Duck's lamplight is on a lost tank engine named Isobel.]

Narrator Thomzs: The engine was vital to the magic that held these worlds together, but only Duck knew.

[Cuts to Tidmouth Sheds. Emily is there while Baby Bop and Peach were writing newspaper when Diesel 10 shows up, tired.]

Diesel 10: Just finished repairs on the arcade, Emily.

Emily: Good, now you can just go back being yourself.

Diesel: Yes, Ms. Blake. [leaves; the telephone rings, Emily answers]

Emily: Hello, Tidmouth Sheds, Emily speaking. Oh, yes! The 10:15 from Dryaw Station to Knapford is right on schedule. You're welcome. [hangs up; speaks to intercom] Attention friends! The 10:00 to Crovan's Gate is departing in a few minutes. Thank you for your convenience. [shuts intercom off]

[Gordon walks in, with the flowers in front of him]

Emily: Oh, Gordon! I found Percy's drawing in the lost and found. Look at the signature; Duck! [laughs] It's hard to believe Duck could have ever looked that happy.

Gordon: Oh, he had a wonderful smile! And he loved railways too. [hands flowers to Emily] They fell off Sir Topham Hatt's flower basket by Diesel 10's claw.

Emily: Oh, poor flowers. Baby Bop put them here in this jar of water. [Baby Bop does so]

Baby Bop: Here you go.

[Baby Bop and Peach get back to work while Gordon leaves.] 

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