Part Seve of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


Blue Toad: So, brother, we must get Rosie to Duck now before Bowser gets rid of all of us!

Green Toad: How can Rosie go without gold dust?

Thomas: Only in the lost engine, unless...

Carl: Unless what?

Thomas: Carl, will you, Mario, Green Toad and Blue Toad please take Rosie?

Carl: Through the buffers? What if I go on the railway and my wheels don't work?

Thomas: What if they do?

Green Toad: What if it's dark?

Thomas: It will be for a while.

Blue Toad: And cowd!

Thomas: Maybe.

Blue Toad: How will we get back again?

Thomas: Because you're really useful and will find a way back.

[The four hesitate, but then they see Rosie smile, Mario speaks up.]

Mario: We'll try!

[Soon, Mario, Blue Toad and Green Toad are in Carl's cab, and Rosie behind him, and Carl and Rosie are puffing to the magic buffers, going past Bowser's lair]

Carl: We promise to get you home, Yuki!

Tumbleweed: Follow me, partners!

Carl: Ohh!

Tumbleweed: Right this wale to Bufferville! Just a walk in the park!

Green Toad: We're going through!

Tumbleweed: You're on your own from here on in, buckaroos!

Mario: Little plumbers can do big things!

[All five disappear through the buffers.]

[They are now in the magic railway.]

Mario: It is dark, cold and bumpy! I'm not scared!

Carl: There's the lost coal truck!

Rosie: Stoke up the magic in the mountain. It's part of Thomas' clue to his gold dust!

Mario: That's what you do with coal; stoke it up to make steam! [He shovels a lump of coal in Carl's firebox as he says this]

Green Toad: We're going back for the coal truck!

[Carl and Rosie reverse to the coal truck.]

Blue Toad: Buffers, coal truck, we're solving mysteries now!

[Carl and Rosie buffer up to the coal truck, Mario couples them up, jumps in Carl's cab, and they start again.]

Mario: You're a really useful engine, Carl!

[Carl smiles and closes his eyes as they are nearing another set of buffers. Carl's wheels spin faster, and the re-materialize on Sodor.]

Mario: Where on earth are we?

Rosie: The Island of Sodor, Homestar Jr.

Carl: I feel a little dizzy!

Green Toad: We can't stay here forever!

Rosie: I'll be back! I promise, but I must find Duck!

Blue Toad: It's getting windy up here!

[Mario uncouples the coal truck.]

Green Toad: What's that for?

Mario: So we remember where it is.

[Down below, Diesel 10 is about to press a button with Pinchy.]

Diesel 10: This must be where the engine is! Presd the button, Pinchy!

[Diesel 10 sets off explosion]

Carl: Oh, what the heck was that?

Mario: Sounded like an explosion!

Abby: [suddenly falls with Homestar Jr., Homezipan and Palm-Palm in her cab] BUST MY BOILER!!!

[Meanwhile, Rosie is racing to the cave, Diesel 10 sees Carl ahead.]

Diesel 10: What's this? A steamie?

Carl: We've left the coal truck on the mountain!!!

Diesel 10: I better follow them! [chases after them]

[Rosie runs into Percy]

Rosie: Where's Duck? Can you take me to him?

Percy: Hop on!

Rosie: I knew I could count on you!


Mario: I can't set the brakes!

Green Toad: Why not?!

Carl: We're not on firm rails!

[Meanwhile, Dustin and Yuki are on Dustin's bike to Mike's workshop.]

Mario: What's up ahead?

Abby: I don't know-

[Abby, Homestar Jr., Homezipan and Palm-Palm scream as they disappear through another magic portal, Diesel 10 shortly following, into the magic railway.]

Diesel 10: Where am I?

[Meanwhile, Duck is at the cave, next to Isobel]

Rosie: Duck!

Duck: [smiles] Oh, Rosie. I'm relieved to see you.

Rosie: There's the town of plumbers and say you may have been there! Thomas' getting weaker, James is in danger and I had to leave Mario, Carl and friends behind! Please help me!

Duck: [gently] Um, can you get coal for Isobel?

Rosie: Sure!

Duck: Yeah. Go ahead.

[Back in The Mushroom Kingdom...]

James: [speaking quickly] I'm sorry, Rosie and Thomas! I haven't responsible, reliable or really useful! But I will be! I WILL BE!!!

[They are in a smelters castle, Smelter stops, James, Bowser runs toward Wario with Squidward the Blue Tender Engine and George the Yellow Tender Engine, all three in fear; James lands in front of them back on the rails.]

James: Wario!

[He sees where he is. He panics and tries to blow his whistle to make himself and the Bads disappear, but nothing.]

Bowser: Ah!

Squidward: Ohhhh!

Bowser: You lost your sparkle too, eh? [laughs] Bye bye, Twinkle Toes!

James: It's empty!

Smelter: Here we go!

Wario: What will we do?

James: Hold on to me! [turns and sees they're heading towards the edge, into a pool of lava]

Smelter: [laughs] That's it...

James: I'll find you some more, Yuki, I promise. If I'm going to be any help at all, it's now or never, I must use up the rest of this stuff!

Bowser: Are you ready?

Wario: We're not!

James: Get us out of here!

[James blows his whistle, and he and the Bads disappear in a cloud of gold dust]

Wario: [as they disappear] Now we are!

Bowser: What the-?! We thought-!

[James and the Bads re-materialize where Thomas is, they cheer in triumph.]

James: Bye, Wario, Squidward, George!

Wario: Bye James!

Squidward: Good guy.

James: Sorry I've been so long, Thomas. But better late than never?

Thomas: We're all out of gold dust, you noticed?

James: Ah, bankrupt. It's a lovely day! We're down but not out!

Thomas: We're out, but we're not down yet! I know it! I know it...

[Back at the buffers, Boshi is still arguing with the Koopalings]

Boshi: I'm not listening to you two anymore! Do it yourselves!

Bowser Jr: With pleasure!

[As he and Larry near the buffers, Boshi beats them up and throws them into a bush.]

Boshi: Now that's over, I must return to 20X6! [flies away]

Bowser Jr: Is our dad gonna like it?

Larry Koopa: No, not really... 

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