Part Six of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


[James and Rosie fly through the Magic Railway with thick bushes surrounding them.]

Rosie: You've grown bigger.

James: Maybe you've gotten smaller. Oh, this ride is very bouncy.

Rosie: Where are we?

James: The Sodor Railway.

Rosie: A magic railway?

James: Errgh, whatever. We're traveling miles and miles to The Mushroom Kingdom. But I don't know if this railway is gonna last much longer, it could vanish like the engine.

Rosie: What engine?

James: The engine that used to travel on this railroad. Thomas and I never saw it and we don't know what happened to it. [They pass the coal truck] What is that doing here? You ready, Rosie? The ride is almost over.

[The burst through the magic buffers.]

Rosie: Where are we?

James: The Mushroom Kingdom. Let's get over this hill.

[They reach the top to see everyone down below. Michael/Train48 passes by]

Michael: Good morning!

[Mario is walking]

Mario: Hi, James! Hi, Rosie!

James: It's Mario! Hello, long time no see!

Mario: I haven't seen you since my missing Decemberween tree incident last year!

Rosie: You're talking to each other.

James: Yes. Rosie. Mario, This is Rosie.

Rosie: Hello.

Mario:: Hello Rosie, Welcome to The Mushroom Kingdom.

James: Come on, Rosie, Mario. We have to find Thomas.

Mario: (hops on board on James' cab)

BJ: All aboard!

[Mario, James and Rosie are nearing the windmill. They see Green Toad up ahead.]

Green Toad: Hi.

(they see Thomas)

James: It's Thomas!

Mario: Oh Thomas!

Thomas: Mario!

Mario: I thought you had been lost!

Green Toad: I found him here and reckoned you'd come.

James: Hello, Thomas. Sorry I been so long. Relaxing in the sun?

Thomas: No, James. Actually, I just pulled across a valley cliff and I made it.

James: Umm, this is Rosie.

Thomas: Oh, hello, Rosie.

Rosie: Hello!

Mario: Is your sparkle back, Thomas?

Thomas: No, not yet. But I now know the clue. Stoke up the magic in the mountain and... That's all I can remember!

Green Toad: That's a bother.

James: Relax, man. I know things are terrible now. I ran out of yours to get here. On the bright side, soon we will find more then we can go back home. [gasps] A incline slope!

Thomas: James! Wait!

James: I better be going on it! [he hitches the chain and he starts to go up the incline] Wow! This is great!

Thomas: James?

James: This is gonna be fun!

Thomas:: James, what are you doing up there?! Come down!

James: This is like the fun fair! The chain is gonna snap!

Me: JAMES!!!

[The chain snaps and James starts to roll down the incline]

James: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

[James rolls off the rails and on Smelter's back. Bowser is seen riding Diesel 10, and Smelter is on Diesel 10's flatbed]

Bowser: Aha! Twinkle Toes' rival!

James: H-haw!

Mario: The villians' hijacked him!

Rosie: What's going to happen now?

Thomas: My friends are pretty good at getting out of trouble eventually.

Green Toad: I don't know what eventually means, but it sounds very, very long.

[Meanwhile, Carl and Blue Toad are looking for the magic buffers.]

Carl: I'm brave! I'm brave!

Blue Toad: My brother says I'm bwave, so I'm brave! It's not easy! [sees the Koopalings bullying Boshi] Oh, no! It's Boshi and the Koopalings!

Carl: They found the buffers! What's gonna happen now?

[birds fly away from a tree and Blue Toad gasps]

Homezipan: That's just nothing!


Bowser Jr: Smash the buffers, Boshi!

Wendy O'Koopa: Whatever, just destroy them!

Boshi: More like you destroy them!

Bowser Jr: This guy's impossible!

Larry O'Koopa: We should tell our dad!

Bowser Jr: Yeah, good idea!

Blue Toad: Carl, we should wawn them!

[Carl puffs away backwards quickly into the night.]

Carl: I hope they didn't see me!

[Meanwhile, Thomas shuffling a stack of 52 playing cards, Homestar Jr., Palm-Palm and Yuki are with me. I reveal the card to be a King of hearts, then swish it away to be an Ace of hearts. Yuki smiles.]

Narrator Thomas: I was doing his best to keep me cheerful, and I knew Rosie was worried about being late for Duck.

Rosie: I was supposed to be back by sunset.

Thomas: I think Duck can guess where you are. I heard he was in the Mushroom Kingdom some time ago. I do wish he could help. I didn't tell James about this, but he'll be as weak as I am.

Rosie: He said there used to be an engine that traveled on the magic railway. Maybe we could find her and head back to Sodor.

Thomas: She disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.

Rosie: I heard a train whistle, and it came from the mountain.

Thomas: I remember another part of the clue! "Stoke up the magic in the mountain and the isobel will smile", but we need more info. I know Duck can help, if he could just believe he could!

Yuki: Isobel?

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