Part Three of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here.


[Cuts to Rosie and Molly puffing through the countryside, when it is raining]

Narrator Thomas: This is where come into the story. Rosie and Molly were puffing to see Duck at the Quarry.

Rosie: Duck's been so sad since Mavis went to work with Bill, Ben and BoCo, and he never comes here to see us.

Molly: Maybe your visit would cheer him up a little. Did you get him something?

Rosie: I made him a friendship bracelet. [shows it]

Molly: Rosie, it beautiful.

Rosie: But I'd rather just stay here at the sheds.

Molly: I know.

Rosie: [points to fire escape] I'm gonna go up this way. [puffs away]

Molly: Okay. Be careful.

Rosie: You always say that.

[Rosie climbs the fire escape, reaches the top, and Birdo, her driver, pulls out a toy stuffed bluebird]

Rosie: You're coming with me to Duck at the Quarry, Bluebird. I know how much you like to travel.

[Looks up to the rainy sky, cuts back to the Mushroom Kingdom.]

Narrator Thomas: Far away in The Mushroom Kingdom, everyone was confident, cheerful, and determined not to be bullied by Bowser. Only Wario was complaining.

Wario: Small plumber.

Mario: Grouchy old wrestle man!

Wario: Mario, I should have collected Thomas!

Donkey Kong: Wario's right, Mario, collecting visitors is an important job. Important is big!

Toad: What is it with you, Donkey Kong? Leave Mario alone, you big monkey!

Donkey Kong: At least Rosemary doesn't always interrupt people doing crazy stuff! [laughs sarcastically]

Toad: Now Diddy Kong and I are off to help Homestar and Marzipan with stuff!

Diddy Kong: What was the insulting for?

Toad: Cause Donkey Kong is a fatty!

Donkey Kong: Good riddance! And I'm not fat! Anyway, important is big, for Wario is a big plumber.

Wario: [smiles in approval]

Donkey Kong: Well, physically big, but also short. You, Mario, are small! Small, small, small, teeny, weenie, weenie! [Mario is angry and offended] And I am a big business monkey who knows everything!

Toadsworth: [smiling] Except getting one foot on fire and your other foot in a beehive!

Donkey Kong: Oh, shut it, Toadsworth! Well, I must get back to business!

Mario: [upset] Bossy sprockets! All that's gone to your head!!

Bowser Jr: There they are!

Wendy O'Koopa: We'll fix their minds!

Iggy Koopa: I'm not good at walking backwards.

Ludwig von Koopa: Me neither!

Larry Koopa: What's important is to stand up on our own feet to my Dad!

Diddy Kong: Homeschool's raght! Deep Clorw knows the lost engine and the legend really exist!

Wario: What engine?

Green Toad: And what legend?

Toadsworth: An engine who's magic makes her more powerful than Deep Claw will ever be! The girl is involved in it, too. It's why he wants to find them!

Green Toad: We better find them first!

Wario: Leave it to the big ones, Led Zeppelin the Second! [walks away]

Mario: Little plumbers can to big things, even if they have brown hair like I do!

Bowser Jr: Let's watch what happens to that blue kid!

Larry Koopa: When Cecil the puffball races past!

Iggy Koopa: Right!

[Cecil the rebuilt B12 races through with the express and blows his whistle]

Cecil: Express train coming through!

Bowser Jr: The boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere!

Wendy O'Koopa: Let's start laughing now! [they do]

[Sneezing powder flies everywhere on Mario and the Koopalings]

Cecil: Sorry, people! Bit of a dust up, love to stay and clean up! Express can't be late, bye now! [disappears into a tunnel]

Bowser Jr: Did you mean to look like that?

Larry Koopa: No.

Lemmy Koopa: Neither did I

Mario.: [walking off] This must be Bowser's doing! [sneezes] ATISHOOO!

[Cuts to the Mushroom Kingdom Railway Docks. Ivan the yellow dockyard crane is at work, Carl comes by pulling a goods train.]

Carl: Hello, Ivan! Our human friends are looking for a magic engine! Seen any of them around here?

Ivan: No, not even no! And how could I if I'm stuck up here?

Carl: Well, sorry! I just want to help find them before Bowser, Diesel 10 and Smelter do!

Ivan: Well, Boshi's smashing up piles of rocks for no reason at all! Does that help?

Carl: Well, sort of.

[Carl puffs away, and passing the King of Town's castle, and I'm reading from a scroll in one of the rooms.]

Thomas: [reading] "Thomas, where were you? The wife said she couldn't miss our little holiday. We'll telephone to make sure you have arrived. Signed, Cranky Kong."

[I put down the letter and think.]

Thomas: Cranky Kong... [He notices his crown on a rack, and I put it on for no particular reason. I speak to a mirror; imitating the KoT] Doo-hoo-hoo!

[Thomas puts the mirror down, and put the crown back to where it was. The phone rings]

Thomas: OH! [I accidentally knock down a picture of Cranky Kong, Barney grabs it as it falls, and Thomas answers the phone.]

Cranky Kong: Hello?

Thomas: Oh, good afternoon, your highness!

Cranky Kong: Yes, yes, good day, Mr. Zack. How are things?

Thomas: Going fine, and a real honor sir! Like my family before me. And how is your wife?

Cranky Kong: She's fine, and there's important things to attend to. Look out for Bowser...

Thomas: Watch out for Bowser, definitely.

Cranky Kong: Keep an eye on Wario's behavior...

Thomas: Keep an eye on Wario's behavior certainly.

Craky Kong: More importantly, remember the three R's...

Thomas: I will be responsible, reliable, and really useful.

Cranky Kong: That's right!

Thomas: Yes, your Highness. We will all get a good night's sleep, looking forward to a hard day tomorrow. Goodbye, your Highness.

Cranky Kong: Goodbye, then! [hangs up]

Thomas: [hangs up, sighs, and gets back to work with Annie and Clarebel]

[Cuts to Boshi looking for another pile of rocks when he runs into Red Koopa Troopa.]

Red Koopa Troopa: Oh, hello, Stinkoman. Where are you off to?

Boshi: Shut it! I've important work you know!

Red Koopa Troopa: So? Can it be done somewhere else than here? Why are you here, anyway?

Boshi: I'm working for Bowser, and his children! He's given me orders to smash all piles of rocks to destroy the connection between this town and magic railway, and that wormy visitor! All in term for the railway turntable!

Red Koopa Troopa: [gasps; to himself] Thomas' powers are getting weaker! And I saw him while walking by. [no longer to himself] I know you bully us, but Bowser will disappear and so will you if you destroy the magic engine!

Boshi: Nonsense! I'm sure they'd try and take me to the other city with them!

Red Koopa Troopa: Bowser and his moronic children will only save themselves and you can't make it, can you? You're too slow and fat!


Red Koopa Troopa: No. [watches Boshi walk away] I must warn the others!

[Cut to the basement of the Mario characters at night. Mario, Green Toad, Wario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Toad are asleep. Mario, Green Toad, Donkey Kong and Toad on the floor; Wario on the couch; Diddy Kong on his bench. Cuts to Thomas in the Mushroom Kingdom sheds, reading book. He yawns and closes the book.]

Thomas: So, who dropped the ball, then? [a rubber green ball bounces by and lands in his footplate] Oh, there you are! I'm going to have a nice cup of hot cocoa, would you care to have a cup? No? What would you do instead? Go outside and play? I can understand that. [the ball falls off the footplate and rolls away) Why do you keep hitting him? You need a time-out.

[Barney puts bits of sugar in my cup of hot cocoa on Thomas' footplate. Bowser is approaching the house of the to the front door, laughing. Thomas tastes his cocoa with his bufferbeam.]

Thomas: Just a little sweeter, I think.

Bowser: All right, Claw Hands, my bucket of evil, time to feast yourself!

(Thomas tastes his cocoa again, and is satisfied.]

Thomas: Ah! Now that's better...

[Bowser smashes through the door. Thomas hears this and puts my cup down, when Deep Claw smashes through the living room floor, into the basement. Everyone wakes up.]

Mario: Mama mia, it's Bowser!

Donkey Kong: Bowser?! Oh no!

Bowser: [laughs evilly and snaps his claw hands] Hello, Twinkle Toes! I got a plan, you're not in it!

Thomas: You can't catch me, Bowser! [I blow my whistle, but my gold dust hardly responds.]

Bowser: Loosing your sparkle, eh? [laughs] What perfect timing! Where's the lost engine?

Thomas: You won't find them here!

Bowser: You haven't the brains to stop me!

Thomas: Yes, I have!

Bowser: No, you don't! [Thomas presents the bag of sugar] Ah! Is that-?!

Thomas: That's right- Sugar, Bowser! If I throw this in your mouth, you'll be seized up for good!

Bowser: [frightened gasps]

[Toadsworth comes down, and looks down the hole]

Toadsworth: Hey, what's going on down there?

Bowser: What is it to you, Toadsworth?

Toadsworth: I know you, Bowser! Now beat it, or I'll report you to the police!

Bowser: [getting out of the hole] Make the most of tonight, Twinkle Toes, [is now out of the hole] because you won't like tomorrow! [exits from the front door] Neither will those stupid creatures! [his claw hands snaps] Shut up, Claw Hands... [disappears through the darkness.

Toadsworth: Are you all right, everyone? I must report this mess, and the workmen won't like this...

[Barney sets down the bag of sugar and Thomas looks at my whistle.]

Mario: What happened to your sparkle, Thomas?

Thomas: I don't know, Mario. I better sleep on that.

Mario: [confused] On your sparkle?

Thomas: No, on the problem of what happened to it.

Green Toad: But Thomas, without the sparkle or lost engine, you won't be able to help us anymore!

Thomas: I'll solve the problem. You just go to sleep now.

Green Toad: Easy for you to say...

[We are now asleep again, when Thomas suddenly is awake, Green Toad listens to him panicking.]

Thomas: Sparkle, gold dust, magic, railway, buffers and lost engine... The family told me: "As long as there is a railway, there's harmony. As long as there is gold dust, there's energy. You'll never worry at all!" [Thomas laughs and goes back to sleep, Green Toad does too. He wakes up for a breif moment.] Yeah, sure.

[Thomas is now having a nightmare; Sodor is a ghost railway and only Emily is here.]

Emily: Oh, Thomas! Why aren't you here? Why can't you travel anymore to Sodor, or back home here to us on Sodor? [weeping] The magic's all gone... [starts crying]

[Thomas suddenly wakes up in panic]

Thomas: What's going on with Sir Topham Hatt's railwayand why? My universe is in danger. I got to find more gold dust!

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