Part Two of Mario & The Magic Railroad is here!


[Duck is shining his lamplight on the magic tank engine as of this point. Percy comes in and Duck sees him.]

Duck: How did you find me here?

Percy: I found the entrance ages ago, and I would not tell anyone about it.

Duck: That switch on wall, please flip it on.

[Percy does so, and the lights turn on for the engine. Percy puffs to the engine.]

Percy: I guessed there was something mysterious about this cave.

Duck: All caves have their secrets Percy. Shouldn't surprise someone like you.

Percy: Could I help?

Duck: Sure. You could me dust her off. [Luigi tosses a rag to Yoshi] This engine is called Isobe.

Percy: Why was she hurt?

Duck: Because Diesel 10 chased her.

[Cuts to flashbacks.]

Duck: [voice over] Long ago, I made the mistake. A buly diesel allowed me to help Isobel behind, before I could tell Mavis to help too. Then Diesel 10 returned and threatened to destroy them. He chased Isobel, and used up all Isobel's coal. We escaped, but we went to fast...

[Cuts back to present day, with a white flash with a crash sound effect.]

Duck: ...and Isobel crashed. I brought her here, and Luigi, my driver, tried my best to fix up Isobel. But I've never been able to make up for the mistake I made. I never been able to bring her to life, or make her steam. Percy, [Luigi places his left hand on Isobel's boiler] they're as precious as gold...

[Cut to Bowser by a carved boulder of himself.]

Bowser: I captured the real me! I'm an artist, that's beautiful, I could cry.

Bowser Jr: Uh, dad?

Bowser: Ahem!

Wendy O'Koopa: Yeah, we're here!

Deep Claw: Right, uh, listen children! I got an assignment for you, JrKoopa!

Bowser Jr.: No, it's Bowser Jr.

Ludwig von Koopa: Ludwig von.

Larry Koopa: Larry.

Morton Koopa: Morton

Wendy O'Koopa: Wendy.

Iggy Koopa: Iggy.

Lemmy Koopa: Lemmy.

Roy Koopa: And- and Roy!

Bowser: I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SAY ALL NAMES! I've come back to find a steam engine.

Bowser Jr: That won't be too hard.

Iggy Koopa: Yeah, they're everywhere.

Bowser: Not the one I want. They escaped me one before. As long they exist, so do the others. But if that engine can be destroyed-

Wendy O'Koopa: Destroyed? The "D" word?

Iggy Koopa: Did you say destroyed?

Bowser Jr: "D" word?

Roy Koopa: Like her?

Bowser: Yeah, destroyed!

Larry Koopa: There's one problem.

Bowser Jr: Thomas' coming and he won't let you destroy them.

Bowser: I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! I'll get him, too! With Claw Hands!

[Bowser raises his claw hands to show what he meant but his hands hits him on the nose]


Bowser's Children: [laugh stupidly]

[Cut to Tidmouth Sheds. Diesel 10 is looking at pages of engines' names and adress.]

Jaren: [mutters] AHA! [he finds the one with Duck's name and address on it] There you are! [he chuckles evilly as he writes the adress down in a notebook.]

[Cut to Knapford Station. Gremlin walks in on the platform; Gordon is waiting, and Thomas arrives.]

Gordon: Why, hello, Thomas!

Thomas: Oh, hello, Gordon!

[Thomas hides behind Gordon and Barney's driver polishes the window while humming "Roll Along". Thomas returns.]

Thomas: Tool kit? Yep. Ticket puncher? Right-o. Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! All aboard! Just testing, and I can't let my skills become rusty!

Gordon: Important day, Thomas?

Thomas: It's a very important day! I'm going to The Mushroom Kingdom. I've been given a big responsibility for the very first time! Bowser has been given parole, and I must ensure he doesn't cause trouble.

Gordon: I hope the visit goes well, Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you.

[Gordon puffs away.]

Thomas: I must responsible, reliable, and really useful!

[Cuts to Emily at the sheds, Thomas arrives]

Thomas: Sorry, what did you say? Oh, thank you, Emily. I like my sparkle too. Gold really is a color.

[Thomas looks at the drawing.]

Thomas: Where did this painting come from, Emily?

Emily: An old locker. Made by Duck when he was in 1992. I was told he was a hard worker. You look puzzled, Thomas.

Thomas: I am. It looks like the Mushroom Kingdom, but how could he travel there without gold dust? Sparkle has been the only trip since the lost engine vanished. Oh yeah. I just came to say goodbye. I have to go now.

Diesel 10: Where's he going to?

Thomas: The Mushroom Kingdom. I have to make sure everything is safe and sound there as I try to do here. [he disappear in a gold dust shower.]

Diesel 10: Now he just left his mess!

[Cuts to Gordon just preparing to leave with the express. Gremlin is watching him anxiously.]

Narrator Thomas: Like Emily, Gremln was sensing danger, and didn't want Gordon or Thomas to leave Sodor, but they had to anyway.

[Gordon whistles goodbye to Gremlin, and he pulls away.]

Thomas: [talking to a plumber] Old Smoky, you stay-a there until I return! [he sees Gremlin] Oh, there you are, Gremlin! Is something the matter?

Gremlin: [groans]

Thomas: What kind of an answer is that? I'm going to be late! I'll get back as fast as I can. I'm having problems with my sparkle! [Gremlin whimpers] Gremlin?

Gremlin: Hm?

Thomas: [smiling sadly] Goodbye Odie. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

[He blows his whistle and disappear slowly in gold dust. Cut back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is looking for me.]

Mario.: Thomas, where are you? I know you live far away, but you always seem to get here on time!

[Thomas reappears in front of him]

Mario.: Oh, are you all right, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes, Mario but at times, everything happens at once! The journey from Sodor is always getting bumpier!

Mario: Really? A big Koopa is on partrole, and do be careful!

Thomas: I was informed of Bowser, don't worry! I'll just come in and out with my sparkle wherever he goes and keep him in order! (Mario hops on board)

Barney: Off we go!

Thomas: (leaves with Mario and Barney)

[Cut to Bowser.]

Bowser: [singing] Old McKoopa had a plan! Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee! With a pinch-pinch here, and a pinch-pinch there. Here a pinch, there a pinch. Everywhere a pinch-pinch! [laughs; spoken] That cracks me up every time!

[Boshi is here, training for fights]

Bowser: Hey, you dino!

Boshi: WHAAAAAAAAAT do you want?! A challenge!

Bowser: You and I have a common goal; we both hate steam engines and plumbers!

Boshi: Yeah, but I really am better than you will ever me! At this moment, you're asking me for a challenge!

Bowser: Whatever our differences, and don't be like that or you'll suffer the consequences! I got a favor for you. I want you to smash all piles of rocks on this town!

Boshi: What kind of boring challenge is that?

Bowser: Let me finish, damn it! I need you to make sure that any connection to the lost railway is destroyed!

Boshi: Well, if it means you'll leave me alone, but what's in it for me? I don't work free!

Bowser: [chuckles] I don't know anything you like!

Boshi: Follow me and I'll show you!

[Boshi brings Bowser to the Mushroom Kingdom Railway turntable at the sheds. Cecil is on the turntable.]

Bowser: What does it do with our deal?

Boshi: I always wanted my own personal fighting arena!

Bowser: Tell you what; once we destroy the lost engine, you can destroy the engines on this railway, and have that turntable at the sheds!

Boshi: It's a deal! [sighs and imagines himself in the turntable, fighting bad guys]

Bowser: I can guarantee that it's yours. One more thing, though!

Boshi: Huh-what?! [snaps back to reality]

Bowser: You have to eliminate any threat that visiting train lover may pose to my plans for domination!

Boshi: Sir, yes, sir!

Bowser: At ease.

[Cuts to Duck with wooden models of Isobel.]

[Cut to a flashback again]

Duck: Mavis, the tank engine family has a little steam engine with her own railroad, and has wonderful energy because of it, and is aided by a special smart girl. But a bad man wants to destroy them. And without them, the tank engine's universe will vanish. A engine with the sparkle told me "One day, one of my family will return, and until then guard her well, Duck."

[Cut back to present day, Duck looking at a painting of Isobel, looking away.]

Duck: But I didn't guard you well. I just don't seem to understand about magic anymore.

[Cuts to the sheds at night. Duck is just on the turntable when Diesel 10 arrives.]

Diesel 10: Hello old friend, how's Mavis?

Duck: She died moved to help Bill, Ben and BoCo.

Diesel 10: Oh. I came here to say "hello", and to look for something you used to have that I think is hidden in the mountains.

Duck: [sternly] Whatever it is stay away from here, you got that?

Diesel 10: As you wish.

[Diesel 10 smirks as scuttles away. Duck has a suspicious look on his face, then goes to the shed.]

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