Mario - Crossing the Lines is a fan-fiction thing to take any quote from any TV show or movie and make minor edits with the names of the Super Mario characters.

South Park: The Death of Eric Cartman

(the next morning the characters are waiting at the bus stop. Wario hasn't arrived)

  • Mario: I can't believe that fat plumber!
  • Yoshi: You can't believe that?? He does this paste all the time!
  • Mario: Well this time, he's gone too far!
  • Luigi: (Yeah, kick him!)
  • Mario: Why do even hang out with him, anyway?
  • Yoshi: Hello?? I've saying this for years!
  • Mario: Well it's not like we're nice to him. I mean, we defeat him all the time!
  • Yoshi: Yes, but he thrives on that.
  • Mario: All right. Then let's ignore him. From now on, let's not talk to him, let's not even acknowledge him.
  • Luigi: (Oh, yeah!)
  • Yoshi: That sounds great!
  • Wario: Hey fellas, what's going on? (no one says a word) Man, I was on the toilet all night from that chicken. I thought I was going to die. (silence)
  • Yoshi: Do any of you guys have milk money I can borrow?
  • Mario: I think I have extra.
  • Wario: Oh wow, a dino asking for money! There's a new one. (Mario fishes around for some money in his pockets, walks over a bit, and gives it to Yoshi) You guys know why dinos have saddles?
  • Mario: Here we go.
  • Yoshi: Thanks. (Mario returns to his post next to Luigi)
  • Wario: Mario, you know why dinos have saddles? Like Yoshi? (neither of them says a thing) Eh. L-Luigi, you see that chick on the news that had her left titty cut off? (chuckles. Luigi scratches his right side a bit) Luigi? Luigi?? (the bus pulls up and opens the door. The characters head inside. Mario enters first) Mario? Mario, it's-a-me, Wario! (Luigi enters next) Eh...Luigi. Luigi, you want fifty cents? (Yoshi enters last) Man, look at me, Yoshi, I'm right here! (Seeing no reaction, Wario is stunned. The door closes and the bus pulls away) Wha..? How did..? Like they coudn't see or hear me. It's almost as if were... (close-up) dead. (dramatic music)No. No, I can't be dead. (runs off) I can't be dead!!

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