Standard race courses Nitro

Mushroom Cup:

  • Mario Kart Arena
  • Skate City
  • Mushroom Hills
  • Toad Town

Flower Cup:

  • Yoshi's Island
  • Mario Circuit
  • Crimson Palace
  • Daisy Beach

Coin Cup:

  • Koopa's Waterpark
  • DK Boardwalk
  • Boo Village
  • Waluigi Casino

Piston Cup:

  • Reptar Raceway
  • Gritty City Circuit
  • Safari Speedway
  • Race Madness

Star Cup:

  • Dry Dry Valley
  • Neo Carnival
  • Supermassive Raceway
  • Wario BMX

Special Cup:

  • Peach's Castle
  • Kamek's Library
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road

Retro Total:

SNES: 4/20

N64: 6/16

GBA: 3/20

GCN: 1/16

DS: 2/16

WII: 3/16

3DS: 3/16

WII U: 4/16

Shell Cup:

  • DS: Figure-8-Circuit
  • SNES: Vanilla Lake 1
  • 3DS: Daisy Hills
  • Wii: Toad's Factory

Banana Cup:

  • Wii U: Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • SNES: Mario Circuit 4
  • GBA: Riverside Park
  • Wii: DK Summit

Egg Cup:

  • N64: Wario Stadium
  • GBA: Sunset Wilds
  • 3DS: Rock Rock Mountain
  • Wii U: Sunshine Airport

Bell Cup:

  • N64: Luigi Raceway
  • GBA: Lakeside Park
  • N64: Koopa Troopa Beach
  • N64: Mario Raceway

Leaf Cup:

  • 3DS: Shy Guy Bazaar
  • GCN: Mushroom City
  • DS: Shroom Ridge
  • Wii U: Thwomp Ruins

Lightning Cup:

  • Wii: Moonview Highway
  • Wii U: Electrodrome
  • SNES: Bowser's Castle 3
  • GBA: Rainbow Road

Extra race courses

Blue Shell Cup (unlocked by winning all 50cc cups):

  • Desert Island Dash
  • Cross Townsville Traffic
  • SNES: Vanilla Lake 2
  • Wii Daisy Circuit

Super Horn Cup (unlocked by winning all 100cc cups):

  • Dexter's Laboratory
  • Cow and Chicken's Track and Field
  • Wii: Mario Circuit
  • Wii U: Mario Kart Stadium

Chain Chomp Cup (unlocked by winning all 150cc cups):

  • Aron City Speedway
  • Townsville Raceway
  • Wii: DK Sumittt
  • Wii U: Exitiebike Arena

Boomerang Flower Cup (unlocked by winning all mirror mode cup):

  • 3DS: Toad Circuit
  • DS: Bowser Castle
  • N64: Choco Mountain
  • N64: Bowser's Castle

Challenge Cup (unlocked by winning all 200cc cups):

  • Haunted Valley
  • Gas or Mess
  • Tricky Track
  • Vulbo Vulcano

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