Found on the track


Item Box

Gives the Player a random item. The items are given depending on what position the player is in.

Double Item Box

Gives the Player two random items in both item slots, this item returns from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. These item boxes are rare.


Increases the player's top speed as more are collected. The maximum amount of coins players can get in a single race is 20.

Found in Item Boxes

Item Description Positions Given

Green Shell

These are one of the most common items in the Mario Kart series.  This item just goes straight forward and bounces off walls and certain objects and knocks over any racer it makes contact with. 1st - 6th

Triple Green Shells

Three green shells surround the racer and orbit around them.  The racer can use three green shells instead of just one at any time and they can also be used as a barrier around the racer. 3rd - 10th

Red Shell

This shell targets down the nearest racer ahead of them and knocks them over.  When thrown backwards, the racer can slightly change it's angle when turning.  Now when racers are hang gliding and this item is used, it has a parachute of it's own. 2nd - 6th

Triple Red Shells

Just like the triple green shells, they surround, orbit around the racer, and can be used as a barrier except they are three red shells which racers can use an advantage to get three racers ahead of them. 3rd - 12th

Blue Spiny Shell

This shell remains airborn and targets down any racer in first place and explodes on them; any racer in it's path will get knocked over. 4th - 16th


Another common item in the Mario Kart Series.  This item just stays stationary once dropped backwards or thrown foward. Racers will spin out of control if they slip on this item. 1st - 6th

Triple Bananas

Three Bananas which surround and orbit around the racer.  They can be used as a barrier around the racer and they act like a normal banana when used but the racer gets to use three of them. 1st - 8th

Fake Item Box

A red replica of the actual item boxes however, these will knock racers over instead if they are touched.  This item hasn't been in Mario Kart since Mario Kart Wii. 1st - 6th


These items gives the racer a boost of speed. 1st - 10th

Triple Mushrooms

Gives the racer three mushrooms which surround and orbit around the racer which allows the racer to use three boosts of speed. 3rd - 16th

Golden Mushroom

These Special Mushrooms gives the racer unlimited boosts of speed for a short period of time. 7th - 16th


This item sprays ink on the racers and partially covers the player's screen to make it hard for the player to see. 3rd - 16th


This item turns the racer invisible for a short period of time and steals an item from another racer. This item hasn't been in the Mario Kart series since Mario Kart DS. 1st - 8th

Fire Flower

This item allows the racer to throw unlimited amount of fire balls for a short period of time. 1st - 8th

Boomerang Flower

This item allows the racer to throw a boomerang up to three times. 1st - 8th

Super Leaf

This item gives the racer a tanooki tail for a short period of time which allows them to knock over nearby opponents or certain obstacles. 1st - 6th

Potted Piranha Plant

When used, this item goes in front of the racer which chomps down anything in it's path and gives the racer a boost everytime it knocks over opponents or certain obstacles. 4th - 8th

Super Horn

When used, this item will create one loud shockwave powerful enough to knock over opponents or certain objects nearby.  This item can even blow up Spiny Shells. 1st - 6th

Bullet Bill

This item turns the racer into a speeding flying Bullet Bill for a short period of time which knocks over anyone in it's path while it makes it's way back into the race. 9th - 16th


This item is very explosive.  When thrown or placed down, they will follow the nearest racer and blow up creating an explosion which knocks over nearby racers. 3rd - 8th


This item makes the racer invincible and gives them faster speed for a short period of time and this item also allows the racer to knock over other racers in their path. 7th - 16th

Lightning Bolt

This item shrinks opponents for a short period of time  which also slows down their speed and makes them drop their items.  Opponents will grow back to normal size in order of what place they're in.  Normal sized racers can also flatten them. 4th - 16th


Gives the Racer two coins. 1st - 6th

New Items

Item Description Positions Given
[27] Mega Magnet A Magnet Item which creates an electric shield around the racer which attracts coins, item boxes, dropped mushrooms or dropped stars, and is invulnerable to Lightning. 1st - 16th

Poison Mushroom

This item tries to get close to the nearest racer and slows them down for a short period of time. This item does not effect the user of this item unless if they drive into it. 1st - 6th

Super Bell

This item gives the racer claws in front of them and a cat tail for a short period of time. With this item, racers can use them to tackle down multiple opponents at once and every time they use this item, they get a speed boost. This item made it's first appearance in Super Mario 3D World. 5th - 9th

Strobe Camera

A camera item with a strobe light. This item blinds players for a split second if they get caught in the flash. 3rd - 8th

Super Nine

Gives the racer nine items that orbit around them. The items are: Green Shell, Red Shell, Banana, Mushroom, Star, Bob-omb, Blooper, Coin, and Lightning. 1st - 16th

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