Comparing Mario Kart to the racing games of Crash Bandicoot.


Character 1 Character 2
Mario Crash
Luigi Dr. Neo Cortex
Bowser Tiny
Princess Peach Coco
Yoshi N. Gin
Donkey Kong Dingodile
Toad Polar
Koopa Troopa Pura
Toadette Ripper Roo
Princess Daisy Papu Papu
Diddy Kong Komodo Joe
Waluigi Pinstripe
Wario Fake Crash
Princess Rosalina Dr. N. Tropy
Shy Guy Penta Penguin
Pink Gold Peach Nitrous Oxide
Funky Kong Crunch
Wiggler N. Trance
Petey Piranah Zem
Dry Bones Zam
Metal Mario Velo
King Boo Krunk
Baby Peach Nash
Bowser Jr. Norm
Dry Bowser Big Norm
Honey Queen Geary
Baby Daisy Real Velo
Lakitu Nina
Isabelle Von Clutch
Link Pasadina O' Possum

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