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  • Supersatar Saga - Partners in Time*

Welcome to Mario and Luigi RPGs, a wikia entirely dedicated to the games Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. There are many things to cover with these games. There are items, enemies, bosses and more. I am dedicating my time to bring you the info on everything you want to know about the Mario and Luigi RPGs. I am working hard perfectinting this wikia, and if you would like to help or add anything, you are welcome to. I can use all the help I can in keeping this wikia up to date, and keeping the facts straight.

Table of Contents

0.0 The games

0.1 The characters

0.3 Game Basics

1.Superstar saga

1.1 Areas of the Beanbean Kingdom

1.2 Item lists

1.3 Gear Guide

1.4 Bean guide

1.5 *Enemies

1.6 Bosses

1.7 Bowletta

1.8 Advance Commands

1.9 Hidden Gear

2.Partners in Time

2.1 Areas of the Mushroom Kingdom

2.2 Item lists*

2.3 Gear Guide

2.4 Enemies*

2.5 Bosses*

2.6 Princess Shroob

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