Mario: Okay, Luigi. Shall we watch TV?

Luigi: Sure thing, Mario.

Mario: (turns on the TV) There you go.

Tommy: (on TV) Hello there. I'm Tommy Pickles, and I had lots of friends.

Chuckie, Phil, and Lil: Hello!

Tommy: This is my bossy cousin, Angelica.

Angelica: Hello, you dumb babies! (cackles)

Tommy: Today's episode is "Pickles VS Pickles!" Ta-da!

Mario: I love Rugrats!

Luigi: Me, too!

Angelica's mother: My daughter, eat your little piece of broccoli.

Angelica: NO!

Angelica's father: Angelica, open up the tunnel, so the train can zoom right in!

Angelica: NO!

Angelica's mother: For the last time, you're going to eat your broccoli for a million years, remember?!

Angelica: NO!!

Angelica's father: Angelica, if you don't eat your broccoli, I'm gonna punish you.

Angelica: It's not fair! (beats the plate into pieces)

Angelica's father: That's it, Angelica Charlotte Pickles! Go upstairs to your ROOM!!!

Angelica: But, daddy...

Angelica's mother: You're gonna take it easy for a few hours.

Angelica: You'll be sorry! (runs upstairs to her room)

Mario: Look at that girl! Is she cute, Luigi?!

Luigi: Yes, Mario! (laughs)

Mario: (laughs, along with Luigi)

Angelica: Not a minute, Cynthia! I'm gonna watch TV! (turns on the TV)

Lawyer: The boys ran around for 72 hours!

Angelica: 72 HOURS?!?! DAAAUGH!

Luigi: I'm gonna change the channel. (pushes the button of the remote)

Mario: Let's watch Top Cat instead.

Top Cat: (singing) Top Cat, do-do-do, I'm the most tip-top... TOP CAAAAAT!!!



Air Date

June 27, 2012

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