Mario and The Magic Kingdom is a Mario/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie. Mario and His Friends Get Along in The Mushroom Kingdom. Bust King Bowesr and His Sidekicks Larry Koopa and Cheasty Koopa arrived to Elimate Baby Peach and Thomas on Shining Time Port is Losing His Sparkle and It's Up to Mario, Thomas and All Thomas Characters to Defeat King Bowesr and Save The Mushroom Kingdom.


  • Mario as Thomas
  • Chunky Kong as Henry
  • Donkey Kong as Gordon
  • Oogtor as James
  • Yoshi as Percy
  • Toad as Toby
  • and more


  • King Boo: AH HA Theres the Red Plumber and Look What's He Doing Koopas, Come and Destroy
  • Larry Koopa and Cheasty Koopa: No We Don't Like You. Na We Mean Infact What's A Name. It's Good Word
  • Mario: Run Baby Peach Quickly And I'm Gonna Help You
  • Sir Handel: So Am I Baby Peach, I'm Not Gonna Let You Down Again
  • Bowesr: HA Who Needs You Koopas
  • Thomas: Watch Out For The Mushroom Kingdom Bridge It's Dangerous
  • Mario and Baby Peach: (Running For Their Lives)
  • Thomas and James: (Looking at King Boo)
  • King Boo: (Evil Laugh)
  • Thomas: AHHHHH
  • James: What's The Matter
  • Thomas: Baby Peach That Girl's Name is Baby Peach, She's Part of the Clue to The Sauce of The
  • Thomas and James: Mushroom Kingdom AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Sir Handel: No You Won't Cause the Magic You Refruse To Let In GET THE BETTER OF YOU
  • King Boo: You Better Run for Your Life, But You Can't Hide Right Villian (Evil Laugh) Villian's Hungry
  • Mario: Oh Get Back (Running with Baby Peach from King Bowesr)
  • Sir Handel: Come On Baby Peach
  • Baby Peach ran for her life two from King Boo
  • King Boo: Coming Sucker (Evil Laugh) Here I Come Duck Villian (Evil Laugh Again)
  • Baby Peach and Mario run from King Boo in The Mushroom Kingdom Tunnel and Mario was Scared of King Boo
  • King Boo: I Got My Life's Plumber (Evil Laugh) (Evil Laugh Again) (Grows)
  • Mario walked Slowing Away from Kingdom Bowesr and Baby Peach and Mario run from King Boo on The Mushroom Kingdom Bridge and Baby Peach walked Away from King Boo and Sir Handel looks at King Boo
  • King Boo: Pretty Fast for A Sucker
  • More Coming Soon

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