Martin Luther King plagiarised Mario's dream.

contributed by martenla

Ghandi had to go hunger strike because Mario ate all his food after he'd marinated it for three hours.

contributed by Rodarama

Mario led Napolean's armies across Russia.

contributed by Rodarama

The SAS once applied to join Mario, but Mario turned them down because they werent 'ard enough.

contributed by TiredOfTheBS

Mario provided the voice over on the forth ‘pip’ for the Greenwich Time Signal broadcast on the hour by the World Service based upon the voice of legendary Hollywood actor Jack Palance.

contributed by zerosky

Neil Armstrong's first words on landing on the Moon actually were "One small step for Man but a walk in the park for Mario".

contributed by Whispers

During his time working for Uncle Sam in the Vietnam war Mario went under the code name "Agent Orange".

contributed by Sniffle774

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