Mario the Tank Engine and Friends is a Thomas, TUGS and Mario Parody.


Toadsworth has his Engines on The Mushroom Railway this Engines Are:

Railway Engines

Mario the Tank Engine

Mario is a Red Tank Engine. He is a main hero his best friend, Luigi the Green Engine. And There Rivals are King Boo the Diesel Engine and Fracktail 10 and Mario's Arch Enemy is Bowser the Silver Engine. He is Based on E2.

Luigi the Green Engine

Luigi is a Green Tender Engine. Mario's Best Friend. He is wise and kind and has number 2 on his paintwork. He is Based on GWR Painer Tank Engine.

Yoshi the Saddle Tank Engine

Yoshi is Mario and Luigi's best friend in The Mushroom Railway. His Girlfriend is Birdo the Pink Engine. His Arch Enemy is Boshi the Diesel Engine. He is Based on GWR Saddle Tank Engine.

Birdo the Pink Engine

Birdo is Yoshi's Girlfriend. She is Pink and Has Orange Strpies on her Paintwork. She is Based on String Engine.

Peach the Light Pink Engine

Peach is Mario's Girlfriend on The Mushroom Railway. She Feautred in this Mario the Tank Engine flim called The REAL Mushroom Railway. She is Based on Red Tank Engine from England.

Daisy the Yellow Engine

Daisy is a Yellow Steam Engine. She is Luigi's Girlfriend on The Mushroom Railway. She is Based on Tender Engine from England.

Toad the Tram Engine

Toad is A Tram Engine on The Mushroom Railway. He doesn't look like a Steam Engine at all. He has Cowcatchers and Slideplates and A Number 7 on his wood. He is Based on Brown Tram Engine from England.

Oogtor the Yellow Engine

Oogtor is a Yellow Engine on The Mushroom Railway. He is Mario's Friend. He has a Red Number 5 on his Tender. and Has Red Done. He is Based on Little Tender Engine from England.

Devouis Boshi

Devouis Boshi is Yoshi's Arch Rival. He does not have a number like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Oogtor and Any Mushroom Trains. He is A Blue Diesel Engine and He is Based on BR Diesel Shunter.

Bowser the Silver Engine

Bowser is Mario's Arch Enemy in The Mushroom Railway. He has black blib and Featured in The Mario the Tank Engine Episodes. He Also Chases Mario and Luigi and on The REAL Mushroom Railway. He Chases Both of Them Again. He is Based on Big Silver Engine from England.

Donkey Kong the Express Engine

Donkey Kong is A Big Express Engine. He doesn't Go Slow. His Buddy is Diddy Kong the Brown Engine. On The REAL Mushroom Railway. He turned into a Coal Hopper instead of a Tender Engine and On Donkey Kong Railway Which was brodcasted in 2010. He has Friends. He is Based on Flying Scostman.

Diddy Kong the Great Western Engine

Diddy Kong is a Great Western Engine and Donkey Kong's Buddy. He wears a number 8. He is based on Black Five.

Wario And Waluigi

Wario And Waluigi are both Twin Diesel Engines. They are bad and mean. They Work with Boshi. They Have Bad Ideas and They Always Never Go Good. They Never Go Good on Mario the Tank Engine and Sonic the Tugboat at the Omlypic Winter Games and Sonic the Tugboat Underground. They are Based on Two Tank Engines from England.

People Animals


Toadsworth is a Human Mushroom on The Mushroom Railway. He Was Featured in The 2010 Series called Donkey Kong Railway. His Wife is Toadette. His Engines are Mario the Tank Engine, Luigi the Green Engine, Yoshi the Saddle Tank Engine, Birdo the Pink Engine, Daisy the Yellow Engine, and Toad the Tram Engine.


Toadette is Toadsworth's Wife. On Mario Breaks The Rules. Toadsworth talks to Him that Mario is in Trouble with The Police Dog and The Police Dog says The law is the Law.

The Angry Police Dog

The Angry Police Dog is Featured in The Mario the Tank Engine Episode called Mario Breaks The Rules. He says Where's You Cowcatcher and Mario says to The Angry Police Dog But I Don't Catch Cows Sir. He Called Mario Really Dangerous.

And More

Road Vehchles

Baby Mario the Bus

Baby Mario is a Red Bus. He Races with Mario the Tank Engine. On Mario the Tank Engine Kart. He was with Mario the Tank Engine, Train Mii and Bowser 10. He is Based on A Red Bus.

Baby Luigi the Tractor

Baby Luigi is A Green Tractor. He has Caterpillars. He Rescues Mario the Tank Engine in Mario, Baby Luigi and the Snow. He is Based on A Caterpillar Tractor.

Baby Yoshi the Helicopter

Baby Yoshi is a Green Helicopter. He races with Yoshi in Yoshi and Baby Yoshi's Great Race. He Dies in The REAL Mushroom Railway and Yoshi Never Saves Him. He is Based on A Helicopter.

And More

Any More Characters


  1. Mario Gets Tricked
  2. Mario Breaks The Rules
  3. Mario and Baby Mario's Great Race
  4. Diddy Kong Takes Charge
  5. The Close Shave for Diddy Kong
  6. Trouble for Mario


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