He is best known for these topics infinte wishes,DR.Mario,and EPic Hotel.His favorite boards include EP,Battlefield badcompany,Paper Mario,KHII,GTAIV,Playstation Home, and DC Universe.Mariolover2 posts alot but not as much as kirbyparufo.ThunderLuigi947 and Mariolover2 have called each other "Brother".They aren't brothers but since Mario and Wee-Gee are bro-I think you get the idea.

Early History

Gamefaqs was introduced to him by his cousin during 2004.From then on Mario used Gamefaqs for his cheating needs and FAQs.But he did not make an account untill June 2006.He named his account mariolover2 because he had been playing a lot of Mario games.Mariolover2's account was inactive most of the time but he started to post frequently in 2007.He saw the social board EVERYBODY PANIC in early 2008 and now he posts reguarly.

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