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NOT this Dr.
Mario Marconi

Professor, The College of Engineering at Colorado State University, USA


NOR this
Mario Marconi

Expert Diving Instructor Trainer, Italy


"Mario Marconi"

Shaun Astbury, aka "Mario Marconi", BB9 UK Wannabe

Mario Who?

Until The Man, The Legend that is Warrington's own Mario Marconi stepped out onto the world stage on 05 June 2008, only his 14 million fans – who had seen him on The Ant and Dec – were aware that a being at once god-like in aspect and power and yet monk-like in humility and modesty walked amongst us.

Now Mario's status as the most revered life-form on Earth has been assured by his appearance as a housemate on the United Kingdom's Big Brother game show, it is high time for humanity to bring itself up to speed with just what an astounding person he is – for instance, did YOU know that Mario is...

  • The reincarnation of Ramesses the Great, Alexander the Great, AND Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (his David sculpture being a self-portrait)?
  • The person who taught cats how to land on their feet after a long fall?
  • The only person to travel backward in time and father himself?
  • Inspiration for Seaman Staines from TV's Captain Pugwash?
  • Earth's major contributer to the panspermia hypothesis?
  • Cautious about coming across as The Big I Am?
  • Divisible by the square root of minus one?
  • The colour of PANTONE 1375 UP?
  • King Kong's stunt double?
  • Dinosaurs' nemesis?
  • A naked ironer?
  • Immortal?

If not, then this wiki will be an invaluable treasure trove of priceless and practical Facts About Mario that it is your DUTY to learn about, so that you may play your part in the greatest collective project in the history of humankind: clasping the awesome Wunderkind and Übermensch that is Mario Marconi warmly to the bosom of humanity, kissing him on both cheeks, kowtowing prostrate at his feet, buying him a hogshead of beer, and sitting rapt with attention as he honours us with peals of wisdom, health and safety advice, penetrating insights into the fabric of reality, tips for guiding blind people, and all manner of wondrous stories regarding his exploits and adventures.


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† our salt-of-the-Earth imaginary virtual waiters are also available in any combination of gender, skin tone and sexual orientation

Enquire Within
Upon Everything Mario!


The Ant and Dec set up Mario in 2006 - video


Mario Marconi sings Lionel Richie's Hello - video

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