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Name Mark Morris Dance

Height 5.10

Hair Black

Eyes Brown


Mark Dance is born in 1870 He was the 21st Body of the First River he is the body after Maria Jacobs he was born to Gary and Carrie Dance. He also had a younger sister who was called Lucy Dance He was living in the captial of USA in New York City when he was born. There was a big personally change between him and Maria. Also he would think green was a good colour and find camping interesting.


Mark went back to fight in the Philippine American War after being asked to stop a bomb which could destory New York city that was being let out by a man named Papa Hisio together him and the rest of the Rivers got ready to raid the base and stop him. Soon in the fight Mark was left to face Papa alone a big gun fight started and after the fight Mark shot Papa in the neck thinking he was dead. Quickly Papa got himself back off the ground and made a final shot at Hilary Snow before anyone could stop him Mark jumped in the way and was shot in the heart. Quickly Hilary finished off Papa and her and the rest of the Rivers tried to bring him back to live however they didn't manage to do it. Mark then started in his next body as Jack Taylor

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